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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: See chapter 1

Dreamer: Vickie U.
Told in the first person

About two weeks after I saw The Two Towers I dreamt that Gollum was standing
on the roof of the back porch and staring into my bedroom window. He made nasty faces at me and scratched at the windowsill. I thought he might be trying to get in, so I went downstairs and made sure the doors were locked. Then he was looking in through the mail slot and trying to get his hand inside to reach the lock. It [the mail slot] was too small, though. I yelled that my dad would call the police if he didn't go away. Then Mom woke me up and said I was yelling in my sleep. Mom and Dad wouldn't let me go see The Return of the King later and I had to wait for it to be on TV. It wasn't so scary then.
Chapter End Notes:
Karlmir Stonewain's note: Vickie was only 9 years old when she saw The Two Towers.
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