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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: See Chapter 1
This was another one of those dreams where, instead of experiencing everything, I was outside myself, watching myself in the dream, as if in a movie.

I was running through the streets of downtown Columbus, Ohio with two friends. Gandalf had given us a palantir and told us that it had to be kept safe from this crazy, evil cult who worshipped Morgoth, and he and Galadriel had given us clues about where to hide it. All we knew was that the correct hiding place was somewhere in a men's club in an office building, but since we had to get it hidden before six PM and it was 5:50 in the dream, we were hurrying.

Finally, we got to the office building, found the club, and saw a mallorn tree growing in the center of the room. Immediately, we knew that this was where the palantir had to be hidden, so I tried climbing into the tree, but for some reason, it was spinning in a circle, so I kept losing my grip and almost falling.

Unfortunately, Morgoth's evil cult found us, and rushed into the room, holding out swords. There was nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide.

I climbed out of the tree, held the palantir over my head, and told the cult, "If you come one step closer, I'll drop it. Then you'll have to deal with the ramifications of a broken palantir: Feanor and the Valar will come after you."

This threat didn't work. So I dropped the palantir (which didn't break), knelt down, grabbed it, looked into it, and started chanting in this creepy, menacing voice, "You betrayed Feanor, the maker of the palantiri...you betrayed the Men of Numenor...you betrayed the Valar and Valinor..."

As I chanted, flashes of light started appearing in the room and burning the members of the cult to death. Their screams and the smell of burning flesh filled the room. Unfortunately, I was burned as well. I saw myself as a charred corpse lying on the floor, my friends weeping over me. Let me tell you: watching yourself die in a dream is frightening.

I had brief glimpses of different versions of this dream-within-a-dream. In one version, Gandalf arrived in the nick of time to pull the palantir out of my hands. I had to go to the hospital for my burns, but when I woke up there, Gandalf smiled at me, told me how brave I was, and started talking just like Dumbledore from "Harry Potter". In another version, the reason my friends and I took so long to hide the palantir was not because of the difficulty of the clues, but because I'd been visiting my grandparents and couldn't meet my friends at the appointed time.
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