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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

I had to destroy an evil ring, just like Frodo. I don't remember if it was Sauron's Ring of Power, but if it wasn't, it was supposed to be just like it. My whole family, even distant relatives; some family friends; and these kids I haven't even seen since middle school were helping me figure out how to destroy this ring. We were all meeting in my high school cafeteria to talk about it, and since these middle-school kids all used to be my friends, I kept saying, over and over, "Great! It's just like old times!"

For some strange reason, Gollum was at the meeting, and so was Dobby the house-elf from "Harry Potter." I don't know how they were helping us, but I remember thinking how much like Jar Jar Binks they were. I woke up before I even set out to destroy the ring.
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