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Disclaimer: See chapter 1

My family and I invited the Fellowship of the Ring to a party in my parents' backyard. In one instance, Sam and I were standing by one of the tables talking about Peter Jackson's films, and Sam brought up Elijah Wood's Frodo. He said something like, "Boy, Frodo was a pathetic coward throughout that whole film."

As he and I started cracking jokes about Wood and the way he played Frodo, Frodo himself, who was standing nearby, got huffy and stormed off to a far corner of the yard. Frodo did not look like Elijah Wood in the dream; he had dark curly hair, but he looked much older, and his eyebrows were heavier.

Well, in the end, we patched things up with Frodo, who finally realized what was so humorous about Wood's portrayal of him. By the end of the dream, Sam, Frodo, and I were sitting on a brick wall, drinking ale and laughing over Elijah Wood's performance.
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