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Disclaimer: See Chapter 1.

In this dream, I received a very strange review on one of my Lord of the Rings stories, which was set in modern day. According to the reviewer, Tolkien's version of Arda no longer exists, and this is why:

After Morgoth got out of the Void for the Dagor Dagorath (which, inexplicably, was supposed to take place right after "The Lord of the Rings"), he celebrated—and I quote—"the Holiday of Morgoth" by molesting the elf Erestor's mother. When Erestor found out what Morgoth had done, he screamed so loudly that "the Earth echoed with his cry," and it was so loud it caused an earthquake, which buried Tolkien's version of Arda.

The reviewer said that therefore, Tolkien's version of Arda was now buried underground. In the dream, I was distraught that I'd gotten something from Tolkien's writing so wrong in my story. It was only after I woke up that I realized how ridiculous the whole thing was and laughed over it. For one thing, how would you celebrate the Holiday of Morgoth?
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