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Story Notes:
Please take into consideration that this was my first fanfiction ever and it's not very good. When i have enough time i promise i'll rewrite it.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I was in maths and i came up with this. luckily it was last before the end of the day because otherwise i would've been very angry at me.
It was an ordinary day in Imladris as Elladan and Elrohir sat in Elladan’s room staring out at the valley whilst asking each other what to do for the rest of the afternoon. There had already been many ridiculous suggestions such as attempting to shoot one of the spiders in Mirkwood from Redhorn Pass, climb the tallest tree in Arda even though they were both sort of afraid of heights and even go balrog hunting.

“I swear El, if we don’t come up with something to do soon my head will explode! It’s just so boring today!” Elladan complained whilst staring at the ceiling. Before Elrohir got the chance to suggest another outrageous activity, Elrond entered Elladan’s room with an amazed expression on his face.

“Why are you two inside? Did you forget that Legolas was arriving today?” Elrond said surprised. The twins stared in horror at each other. They had indeed forgotten that one of their best friends was coming to visit. “If you wish to go and meet him I suggest you hurry for by my reckoning he will be here in about an hour.” Elrond said before the twins jumped from their chairs before rushing around to find their things.

Without saying goodbye to their father the twins rushed down to the stables where they hurriedly readied their horses before galloping off to meet the Prince of Mirkwood. When they arrived at the borders of their realm they met Glorfindel who seemed quite surprised to see the twins.

“What are you doing here?” Glorfindel asked with a shaky voice, worried that something had happened. The twins dismounted and turned to face the now worried elf.

“You need not worry Glorfindel. We are merely here to meet Legolas.” Elrohir replied.

“I’m sorry to tell you this Elladan and Elrohir but Legolas was supposed to arrive about half an hour ago and there have been no sightings of him. I sent out one of my men to search for him but the results were negative. He also brought back this.” Glorfindel then revealed Legolas’s long bow from the Galadhirrim.

The twins gasped in absolute horror. Where was Legolas? Had he left his bow by accident or to leave a trail? But more importantly, why was he not in Imladris?
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