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Title: Beautiful

Author: orleans

Beta: oli – Many thanks!!!!

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Elladan/Legolas

Warnings: AU, slash

Request: Happiness

Written as a gift for the The 2007 'Jinglebells in June' - Slashy Santa Fic Exchange.


His arms hurt slightly, and with a silent groan he rolled his shoulders to ease the tension. The hot water of his bath wasn’t able to sooth the sting completely, but it helped him to relax nonetheless. He felt tired; last night’s patrol had ended with an aggressive fight against a whole nest of huge Mirkwood spiders. The large beasts had been even more aggressive than normal, because they were protecting their foul offspring against the elves, and it was sheer luck none of the sentries was suffering from any grave injury. The few broken bones and bites would heal.
He could be proud of himself; well trained in the fine arts of war, his aim had proven true once again, no less than four large spiders had he killed, and now he was rightfully tired.

Stepping out of his bathtub, Legolas wrung the water out of his long hair before carefully walking over the slippery ground to a shelf. He grabbed a fluffy towel to wrap around his lean form, before taking another one to dry his hair. When it was only slightly damp, he carelessly threw the towel into a wooden basket standing next to the half-open door. The servants would fetch his things later to wash them- hopefully the last stains of the spiders’ blood could be removed out of this fabric, it would be a waste if not.
Slowly drying his skin, he went over to the bathtub and removed the stopper to empty it. He liked to look after these things personally, although many a servant has already told him, that this kind of work was theirs to do.

Leisurely, clad only in his towel, he walked into his bedroom. The morning sun was shining through the large windows and bathed him in a warm light. For a moment he simply stood there, and let the brightness envelop him, chasing the lingering exhaustion away. He would have loved to throw himself onto the furs on his bed and get some sleep, but in the end he decided against it. The day was still young, and he could always sleep later. He was looking forward to spending some time with his father, who was surely already expecting him. He’d barely seen his sire these past few weeks due to his patrol duties, and he missed him.

Sitting down on the stool in front of the mirror, the prince took the comb and started to untangle his long fair tresses, while his thoughts started to drift. He was in no hurry today; it was one of his rare days off duty, and therefore he could allow himself to stall and be lazy for a change. He’d received a message earlier that he was off duty for a whole week, if he wished. He suspected that his free time had to do with the arrival of the famous twins of Imladris who would stay for a while.
Well, although this whole week off duty came unexpected, Legolas would surely not complain. It was nice not to ride out into the woods and fight against the darkness trying to descend on the Greenwood, but relax and gather some new strength. It was a rare luxury in these dark times.

Of course, he could not just do as he pleased; as a prince, even if he was only the youngest of three, it was expected from him to greet the guests, and he would seek them out as soon as he was ready and presentable enough to meet them. He liked the twins, and was looking forward to seeing them again after almost half a century. He smiled slightly while thinking of the older twin; when Legolas had been younger, he’d had a crush on Elladan. Luckily he’d never made a fool of himself by admitting his infatuation, knowing that Elladan’s tastes didn’t include slender, fair haired and hopelessly mousy elves.

Well, he was no longer ensnared with the beautiful Imladris elf, was he? Somehow he’d managed to smother these unwanted feelings. He was lucky to have him as a friend though, that had to be enough.
Looking into the mirror he frowned, why did he have to remember *now* how he’d felt for the twin? It was over and done with, wasn’t it?
Perhaps Legolas should find himself one lover who would surely make these thoughts of Elladan disappear. But not even this idea helped to raise his spirit, knowing, how difficult it would be to find an elf who would not try and take advantage of his position as the prince’s lover.

The prince’s lover…. Even if it was an insignificant like him….Legolas studied his reflection and slowly shook his head. While his brothers both were blessed with an almost unearthly beauty of face and golden tresses, he looked plain. His hair was of a fairer shade of blond and not as shiny as the long locks of his brothers. Then his eyes; they were not so bad, of a dark blue gray color, looking almost black with only the barest hint of blue around the orbs. His gaze drifted further to his nose. He liked the form of it; straight, perhaps a tad too long, but otherwise quite right.
But then… disgustedly he made a grimace. He was the only elf he’d ever seen, whether in this kingdom or beyond its borders, who had freckles. They were not numerous but quite visible on his otherwise pale and smooth skin. As an elfling he’d tried many things to get rid of them, none of them had worked and he was still suffering silently when he heard remarks or gentle jests about his appearance. And elves were meant to be the perfect beings on arda, he thought sourly. Of course I have to be the exception. I almost look like an elleth with my hair unbound like this!

Slowly he stood up from his seat and put the comb aside. Well, the rest of him didn’t look so bad. Although he was slightly smaller than his brothers and quite lean, his form sported some nicely built muscles, thanks to the constant hard training with swords and bow. He was strong enough to beat the best warriors of his realm in hand-to-hand-combat, and that was something he could be proud of.
Opening the towel, he let it slip to the ground. Well, he shrugged as he examined the rest of him, really not too bad. Narrow waist, long, nicely shaped legs; a few silvery scars covered his thighs and stomach, reminders of fights, where he’d not been so lucky. Surely not perfect, but just fine, or so he thought. Well, at least his two former lovers never complained.

Thranduil’s youngest son sighed and turned around to walk with slumped shoulders towards his wardrobe when someone knocked lightly on his door. He froze for a moment. Not in the brightest of moods, he thought of not answering at all, but then he shook his head. It could be something important, perhaps an emergency that needed his attention; would not be the first time. Quickly collecting his towel from the floor, he folded it around his waist once more.
“Yes?” he asked curtly, slowly going over to the door. The cold stone ground felt uncomfortable beneath his bare feet. Not even the sun could warm it.

“It’s me, Elladan,” came the muffled reply. Legolas stood still with sudden shock. Elladan? There, at the other side of the door, only a few inches of finely crafted wood separating them, was the half-elf he’d been thinking of this past hour! Well, it should not come as a big surprise that the twin sought him out, but still… Suddenly close to the brink of a panic attack the prince became aware of his state of undress.

“Legolas? Is everything alright? Will you not let me in?” Elladan asked now when Legolas didn’t reply but stared at the door as if it was a foe he needed to best. But despite his shock he heard the concern in Elladan’s voice; it confused him. Why would he be concerned?

“Don’t fret, I’m fine,” he replied belatedly and nervously fidgeted with the hem of his towel.

“Will you not let me inside?” Elladan repeated, and he sounded as if he was leaning his forehead against the door; so close! Before he could stop himself Legolas touched the smooth surface of the wood in front of him. How he wished it was the twin’s skin he could touch…. Snatching his hands away his eyes widened in shock. Just where did these thoughts come from? Remembering Elladan’s question he said, “No, I….”

“Legolas, open the door. Now.” There was something urgent in Elladan’s voice that made the prince comply without a second thought. Straightening himself, Legolas gripped the handle; it felt cool and smooth in his palm and he pushed the door open, just wide enough to look outside. He did not want Elladan to see him almost naked.
His heart sped up when he regarded the older elf who was standing there, clad in casual black trousers, leather boots and a dark colored velvet tunic. His long black hair was pulled back from his elegant features. Why does this have to happen to me?

“I’m not dressed,” Legolas said slowly. Remembering his manners he added a bit stiffly, “I will join you in a moment and greet you properly, my friend. Just give me some time to get dressed.”

“Let me in,” he almost pleaded, “Or they will see me.”

Bewildered Legolas looked at Elladan who was now closely watching the empty corridors. “Who?”

“Your brothers, and Elrohir. Please, I can wait in your room for you to get dressed. You have nothing I haven’t seen before.” Elladan gave him a cheeky smile, and Legolas could not resist and sighed in defeat, “Alright, make yourself at home, like always.” Shaking his head he pushed the door open in invitation and grabbed the towel around his waist tighter. It was definitely not his day.

Stepping inside, Elladan closed the door behind him and leant against it while crossing his arms. Unabashedly, his pewter eyes took in every curve of Legolas’ lean and elegant body. “You hide much under your clothes, my prince. What a pity,” he said casually, and then he went over to the other side of the room and unceremoniously sat down onto the furs in front of the fireplace. He’d been in this room before and felt at ease.
Blushing, Legolas turned around and walked to his wardrobe. He’d change inside the bathroom and escape the close scrutiny of Elladan’s burning eyes this way. Even after having witnessed it while spending so much time with the twins, the blunt and often provocative comments left him speechless and slightly uncomfortable.

“Flatterer,” he said with a slight tremor in his voice, a tremor that, he hoped, would not be noticed. “Are you ashamed being seen standing in front of my door?” Legolas tried a light and jesting tone, but to his dismay the trembling in his voice became worse.

Elladan chuckled, “Nay, of course not. I just managed to escape them. By all means, it took me a whole hour to get away from your persistent brothers.”

“I see; but what about Elrohir? I thought you were inseparable?”

There was no answer; opening the wardrobe, he flinched with a start when warm hands took gently hold of his bare shoulders. Suddenly he was aware of the warm body behind him, of his own nakedness despite the towel when soft fabric brushed his back. Suppressing a shudder, he lowered his head. “What is it, Elladan?” he asked. “I don’t need any help with dressing myself.”

“Good. I’m not planning on helping you to get *dressed*,” came the smooth reply. Legolas felt Elladan lean closer until the half-elf’s face was resting in the crook of his neck, inhaling. “You smell sweet, my prince.” Legolas could no longer suppress the tremor that passed through him when Elladan’s lips softly descended onto his hot skin. Taking a step forward, he broke the contact. “What are you doing? Is this a bad joke or what?”

Warm hands slid around his waist and he felt weak in his knees when those hands turned him around to face his friend. “No joke,” Elladan replied seriously. “It took me long to gather the courage and approach you thusly.”

Angrily, Legolas raised his arms, pushed Elladan away and stepped back. “Now I know this is a joke,” he growled and defensively crossed his arms in front of his chest. “What do you want from me? I’m surely not the next on your long lists of flings.” He bit his lips when he realized how harsh that last comment sounded, but he could not bring himself to utter an apology.
Elladan looked hurt and helpless with his hanging arms and his insecure expression. “I don’t expect you to believe me when I say that it’s not like that,” he murmured. “But please, hear me out.”

“I don’t know why I should. It’s rather obvious what you want. But no, thank you, I decline. End of discussion.” Feeling his heart shatter while saying these words, Legolas managed to appear calm. These old feelings he’d thought long gone re-appeared, and he found himself wishing for Elladan’s attention in an intensity that frightened him. And he recoiled from his yearning.

Elladan took a deep breath. "When I first saw you, you took me by surprise."

"Yes, I have the same effect on myself in the mornings," Legolas said, trying desperately to sound sarcastic. It worked rather well, judging by the cringe on Elladan’s face.

"Please…Don't. It’s difficult for me. When I first saw you I thought you were very striking, your eyes, especially your smile."

“Oh, really?” At a loss what to say or how to react, Legolas was irritated and slowly rubbed his bare arms. Sighing deeply, Elladan stepped up and enfolded Legolas in a loose embrace. “Long I have dreamed to do this, to hold you. You are beautiful, my friend and I find that I desire you more than I should. Each time you smile, I want to kiss you, and every time you laugh, I want to hear you cry out in pleasure.”

Blushing at these words, Legolas struggled weakly, and yet he did noting to break the embrace. “You cannot mean that,” he said through gritted teeth. “I’ve seen how you’ve regarded my brothers, or any other beautiful elf of this court. You’ve never shown any interests in me, and why should you now?”

Smiling remorsefully, Elladan nodded. “You’re right, I’ve never shown it, because you seemed content with our friendship, and I was too afraid to ruin everything.”

“I find it hard to believe. Yet you accepted my brother’s advances at the same time, did you not?” Legolas asked almost accusingly.

Elladan nodded with a sigh. “You are right, I did accept them. It was a mistake. I was lonely back then.”

“A mistake,” Legolas repeated. “How do you know you’re not making a mistake now? Why don’t you just leave this room? I’m sure *he* is surely waiting there somewhere.”

“You don’t really mean that,” Elladan whispered.

“But of course, I mean….” Legolas could not speak further, because the twin bent down to capture his lips in a heated but soft kiss. Taken completely by surprise, Legolas did nothing; neither did he encourage the twin, nor did he try and push him away. It could not be real, Elladan was not here, holding and kissing him! Surely only a dream; it was not happening. It could not! But the lips felt real, the touch felt real.
Soon Elladan withdrew and looked down at the prince, only the barest hint of hurt visible in his pewter eyes. “You do not want me,” he said quietly. “I’m sorry, I thought you liked me this way. I presumed too much, it would seem.” Stepping back he bowed lightly, “Forgive me, it won’t happen again.”

Snapping out of his daze, Legolas started to shake; what was he doing? Afraid he might lose the twin’s friendship he gathered his courage. “Elladan, wait. Don’t go like this.”

Elladan stopped but didn’t turn around. “I thought we were friends, Legolas.”

With wildly beating heart Legolas stared at the half-elf’s back. Slowly he approached him and gently touched his arm. “That’s it, we’ve been friends for so long. But what changed that?” Somehow he felt stupid for saying these words; how could he forget how he’d felt for the twin?
When no answer came forth, he sighed. “I’m sorry I lashed out on you, but you took me by surprise. I didn’t see that coming.” Disturbed by the persistent silence Legolas started to feel uncomfortable, he almost missed the barely audible reply.
“I know,” Turning around Elladan faced the prince. “I’m sorry, but subtlety is none of my strengths.” Feeling weak in the stomach, Legolas helplessly shook his head. “Elladan,” he said seriously, “You cannot mean … this. No one...”

“I saw you watching me when we first met, and yet you never tried to approach me. Why?” Elladan asked.

“I…” At a loss what to say Legolas swallowed nervously. Elladan had noticed? “You were my friend,” Legolas replied lamely, but Elladan cut him off, “Don’t give me this excuse. I deserve the truth, Legolas. Why didn’t you give us a chance?”

“Fine.” Trembling once more Legolas crossed his arms in a defensive manner. “As I said, I saw what kind of elves you prefer. I don’t compare to them. So I didn’t act on my feelings.”

“So you have feelings for me,” Elladan replied smugly.

“No more, it’s done with,” Legolas lied smoothly. “I’ve given up to gain your attention and contented myself with your friendship.”

“Somehow I doubt that. But why would you try smothering them?” Elladan was puzzled.

“Just look at me,” Legolas hissed, at the end of his patience. “I’m not beautiful, and I don’t compare to your former lovers. How on arda can you want me?”

“How can I not want you?” Elladan asked bewildered. “You are my best friend! I think, I am able to judge you by now.” Stepping close, as if he was trying not to scare the prince, Elladan approached once more, loosely wrapping his arms around a narrow waist. “It’s said that best friends even make the best of spouses, and I want to believe that.”
Hopefully looking at the prince he simply said, “I want you, because I’m in love with you.”

He’s in love with me? This sounded too good to be true. Legolas was undecided, should he give it a try? What did he have to lose? He could continue to hold his feelings for the half-elf in front of him prisoner, but he could no longer deny them. Looking into Elladan’s face, he thought he saw hope and affection in these eyes. His friend has never betrayed him….
These thoughts raced through his mind in the matter of mere seconds and with a sigh he relaxed into Elladan’s embrace. “Do as you wish,” he murmured, unable to say these three little words on return. “I’m yours.”

Bending down, Elladan placed a sweet and gentle kiss on trembling lips. Inexperienced as he was when it came to matters of true love, Legolas tried to respond, and at the same time he felt one warm hand travelling smoothly up his back as the other tugged the towel off, letting it fall to the floor.
It was strange, although he felt vulnerable now, standing naked in front of the twin, it was not an uncomfortable feeling. He raised his head in silent request for another kiss; the half-elf happily obliged.

Encouragingly, Elladan had to direct Legolas’ slightly trembling hands to their proper place, but he did not mind. Gently he moved them so that they rested on the lacing of his loose fitting trousers. Legolas fumbled around trying to undo the ties whilst trying not to break off their sweet tasting kiss. His mind was in a daze; Legolas still feared he might wake up and find that this was only a dream.

Elladan’s trousers eventually slid down to his feet and he shook himself out of them. Legolas’ fingers brushed against the bare skin of Elladan’s hip. The half-elf bent down to remove his boots. Legolas watched him undoing the bindings and found himself mesmerized by the sight of sleek muscles moving under the soft and velvety shimmering skin. So perfect, so beautiful.
Elladan straightened up, and found himself in a snug embrace when Legolas launched at him. Pushing the twin backwards, he kissed the half-elf again, nibbled at his lips and soothed the mild sting with his tongue. Mildly surprised by Legolas suddenly taking the initiative, Elladan followed him to his bed and lay upon it obediently when the prince gently pushed him down, the fur felt soft against his skin as Elladan moved backwards.
He leant against the headboard of the bed, watching Legolas crawl up to him until the prince sat beside him and gently touched his elegant jaw with one finger. “Believe it or not,” he said softly, “I have had dreams of you for a long time.” Raising his eyes he looked directly at Elladan. With a trembling voice he admitted, “For what it’s worth, I do love you.”

Elladan smiled gently; his eyes were shining. He raised an arm in silent invitation and Legolas snuggled up to him. “Stubborn wood-elf. For long I have yearned to hear you say these words to me. For I love you back.”

“It seems a bit too unrealistic,” Legolas stated soberly. “Why now?”

“You can’t simply accept this, can you” Elladan asked with a sigh and rubbed his forehead. “Well, every time you visited Imladris your brothers were tailing me, wherever I went. I could not have approached you without them noticing it.”

“What’s different now?”

“Elrohir is. I confided in him before we arrived here, and asked him to keep them occupied for the time being. He made it clear that I owe him for this favor.” Legolas nodded with a grin, Elladan’s former words, when entering his rooms, made sense now.

“Now, will you just lie there and look at me?” Opening his arms in invitation, Elladan crooned, “I’m yours to do whatever you wish.”

Legolas’ eyes blazed with joy and passion. However, he didn’t move for another long moment, but just stared into Elladan’s eyes before boldly pressing his body to the twin’s, his eyes fluttering shut. He gasped quietly at the feeling of them touching together fully naked for the first time. Soft warm skin slid sensually together when they moved. Elladan began to gyrate his hips, enjoying the friction it caused between them and his hands pulled Legolas atop him so that he could properly feel his behind.

"Anything there you like?” Legolas asked cheekily and promptly snorted in amusement when Elladan gave him a slap; he felt both amused and aroused, a feeling that almost frightened him in its intensity.

Chuckling throatily, Elladan assured the prince while stroking the warm flesh, “Indeed there is much I like. Your body’s perfect in my eyes.” Legolas’ eyes clouded over; he was starting to feel overcome by the emotions Elladan’s actions and words were evoking within him.
“I don’t see what you see,” he said finally, looking almost pleadingly at the elf underneath him. “How can you say that? I look ridiculous with my freckles and...”

Elladan gently rolled them over so Legolas was lying on his backside, and he began trailing kisses down his chest and stomach, before crawling back up and gently kissed the prince’s lips. “Don’t you ever compare your loveliness with others. You are perfect the way you are. Don’t listen to them when they laugh at your freckles, I love each one of them.” Proving his point he bestowed a kiss on every freckle he could find, making Legolas chuckle. “Truly?”

“Truly. Let me show you...” Kissing Legolas deeply before he worked his way down the lithe body in front of him, pausing here and there to worship the soft flesh and reveling in each shudder and moan he evoked with his caresses. He smiled lightly, happily, and he lowered his head so it hovered just above Legolas’ groin. Elladan blew a puff of air, making Legolas gasp desperately. He felt like being further torturous so he swirled his tongue around the head next pulling away slightly when the prince bucked his hips.
Elladan finally decided to put the poor elf out of his misery and he encompassed his length, swallowing it down his throat. Legolas’ eyes squeezed shut as he fought to maintain control. As he finally regained some of his senses, he recalled the need to breathe and inhaled deeply. Elladan moved his mouth up and down on Legolas, sucking him in gently. The prince clung to the sheets, using the feeling of the silk to keep some semblance of control over himself. All too soon, though, he lost the small measure of control he could maintain and he spilled forth into Elladan’s hungry mouth.
Legolas panted softly, trying to regain his senses while Elladan moved up again and cradled the prince in a soothing embrace. “Thank you,” he said softly.

“My pleasure. “Chuckling softly Elladan stretched. “Do you have any oil nearby?”

“In the bathroom, I think,” Legolas replied thoughtfully. It was not like he had reason to keep such things like oil around. After a moment he remembered his massage oil he used to sooth sore muscles after rough training, and he untangled himself from Elladan and went into his bathroom to retrieve it quickly. “Will this do?” He asked when he stretched himself next to his lover and handed him the phial.

“Perfect,” Elladan purred, taking the phial, closing one hand around it to warm the contents. As he did so he leaned closer to the prince and their lips softly brushed together.

“I love you kissing me,” Legolas admitted softly and rested his forehead against a strong shoulder. These words set Elladan off in a frenzy of passionate kisses. He pushed the prince flatly down onto the furs and began with Legolas' lips. Then he claimed his neck with small butterfly kisses and gently nibbled each of Legolas' ears. It did not take him long to have Legolas writhing on the bed and calling out his name.

“Please, I need you,” Legolas pleaded. “Show me...”

Elladan ceased his ministrations and nodded to Legolas that he was ready to take it to the next step. He decided to take it slow and thusly gave the prince the chance to withdraw from him if he decided to do so.
He opened the phial, poured some of the sweet smelling contents out onto his hands, gently massaging the Legolas’ buttocks and trailing a well oiled finger along the hidden entrance and gently eased inside.
Legolas gasped at this unfamiliar feeling of intrusion and his face clenched before he reminded himself to relax at the touch. But Elladan saw his unease and stopped. “You are very tense. When was the last time you yielded to someone?”

Blushing Legolas averted his eyes, “I’ve never yielded to anyone,” he admitted softly. “I didn’t trust them enough.”

“But you trust me?” Raising his head the prince regarded his friend for a long moment and nodded. “Aye, I trust you; with my life and now with my heart.”

“I won’t betray your trust, my prince. Just relax. I will not hurt you.” When Elladan felt him relax, his finger delved deeper, until he very softly stroked a spot deep within his lover, that caused him to buck against the finger in almost unbearable pleasure.

“Please.” Legolas bit his lip. The half-elf smiled and placed a soft kiss upon the sweat covered brow to calm his lover. He could not rush this along, no matter how much he desired to do so. The prince was inexperienced, though he was learning things very quickly. Elladan had to be careful; he wanted to make this first yielding special and did not want to harm his friend and lover. “Breath, my love, and relax.”

The softly spoken words helped and Elladan was soon able to carefully make a second finger join the first. He slowly slid a third in and began to gently work them around inside, caressing the sensitive spot just often enough to keep the elf writhing beneath him. When he deemed the prince ready he removed his fingers and prepared himself with the oil, using plenty of it, because he did not wish to do any harm.

After placing a pillow under Legolas’ hips, he knelt between the prince’s legs, meeting his trusting gaze. Legolas nodded that he was ready and Elladan slowly, gently slid inside, pausing now and then to give his prince enough time to become accustomed to the size filling and stretching him. He looked at Legolas’ face to ensure, that he was bringing no harm to him and, to his relief, he saw only pleasure and love shining in these incredible dark eyes.
Legolas, in the meantime, was gazing intently at the elf above him. Of all elves, Elladan has chosen him to be with, has chosen him to love. It was too good to be true. All rational thoughts fled when the peredhel began gently moving above him. Within just a few strokes he found his eyes were fluttering shut, making it quite impossible to fulfill his desire to watch and memorize Elladan’s dark and passion filled face.
After an eternity but much too soon he lost control over himself and with a guttural groan reached the pinnacle of his desire. Through the haze of his own pleasure he heard Elladan crying out his name.

Exhausted he reached up and held the slightly trembling body of his lover close, relishing the weight, that pressed him into the mattress. Catching his breath Elladan slowly withdrew. Still struggling for breath the prince stared pensively at the wall. Now that the ecstasy slowly faded his old doubts crept up on him again. Would Elladan stay with him?
He was very aware of the strong arm around him, or Elladan’s musky scent, or the strong heartbeat against his cheek. A warm hand soothingly touched his back in a languid circle, then he felt Elladan pressing anther kiss on the crown of his head. “I hope I didn’t hurt you?”

Shaking his head, Legolas snuggled deeper into the embrace and felt the arms around him tighten their hold. “No,” he said finally. “Thank you for everything, it was wonderful beyond words.”

“But something is bothering you. What is it? Don’t hide your thoughts from me,” Elladan asked when he felt the prince hesitating. Raising himself onto his elbows Legolas felt insecure. “Was it just for today? Or...”

“No.” Pulling Legolas close he shifted until they were facing each other, their legs loosely entangled. “I intend to keep you forever, if you’d let me.”
Smiling brilliantly when he became aware of the deep and genuine feelings shining from Elladan’s eyes, Legolas nodded. “In that case I will not argue.”

“A pity,” Elladan murmured. At Legolas’ questioning gaze he added, “I’d have loved making it up to you.”

Snorting, Legolas stretched as far as the snug embrace allowed him. Looking out of the window he realized how late it was. “Hopefully ada will not seek me out, because I didn’t show up to meet him.”

Elladan shrugged; the prospect of having a worried wood elf king finding him in his youngest son’s bed didn’t upset him. “Don’t fret, my beautiful one. He knows where you are, doesn’t he?” Smiling Legolas purred. “I like it when you say that.”

“What? My beautiful one?” When Legolas nodded Elladan leant forward, “I will say it as often as you wish.”

“I’d rather you showed me.” And Elladan did just that.

The End

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