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Author's Chapter Notes:
This may contain a few spoilers, but I wanted to explain everything going on in the story. There are quite a few characters to keep track of, and the story is going to skip around a lot. So here's your cheat sheet / advert. Enjoy.
There is a prophecy, that in the time of Edowill’s greatest peril, a Prophet would emerge from the population to seize control of Fate’s Wheel. This Prophet would have the power to either save Edowill or destroy it.

The continent of Edowill is in a time of change, and Fate’s Wheel is now spinning faster than ever before. The central country of Adrevia is quickly gaining power, taking over all the other regions of Edowill, thereby gaining an Empire. Before long, Adrevia has gained control of all of Edowill but for two countries: the icy and mountainous Travasia in the far North, and the heavily forested Olovia and in the East. Although these two countries border each other, they have never made peace. Even in this time of peril, with the entire might of the Adrevian Empire looming, the two countries’ royal families continue to bicker over old blood feuds. The only tie between the two countries is the Ildium, an underground network of lower-class rebels that spans all of Edowill; the last resistance against the Adrevian Empire.

Another force is looming, unknown to all but the The Prophet, a force far greater than the Adrevian Empire alone. Although there have never been confirmed accounts from travelers, there have always been rumors of a Land Across the Sea, a whole other continent across the great Grey Sea. Massive warships are now cutting across the churning Grey Sea, rowed by exotic slaves and pushed by blood-red sails. They come from the Land Across the Sea with one purpose: to conquer Edowill, enslaving its people.

The Prophet is the most magically powerful human being to be born in centuries. Her name is Atania and she has spent her life being captured, pursued, and tortured for information. At seventeen, she is bitter and depressed. She also knows that the fate of Edowill itself rests on her, and who she chooses to share her valuable prophecies with. In the mean time, she is hiding out in a remote rebel camp in Travasia, healing the wounded soldiers who are fighting against the Adrevians, remaining anonymous.

The Adrevians, however, are determined to find the most powerful prophet in Edowill, and use her knowledge to complete their Empire. Prince Peter, the second son of the Adrevian king, has been assigned the duty to find the prophet. Given 20 men and six months, Peter has a bargain with his father. If he can find the prophet and prove his mettle, he will be allowed to marry the captured and haughty Princess Alessandra from the newly conquered country of Katiria.

Princess Alessandra, however, has other ideas. During the final hours of Katiria’s independence, in the throes of a bloody battle in the capital city, the royal family was slaughtered. Only Alessandra was spared, taken back to the Adrevian palace as proof of Katiria’s defeat. Held ‘captive’ in a luxurious apartment in the Adrevian palace, the vengeful princess has contacted members of the Ildium and is acting as a spy in the palace.

Also spying in the palace, undercover as a slave, is Rinna, a member of the Ildium and the young widow of the network’s previous leader, Lahn. Unfortunately, Rinna is finding it difficult to maintain her bitterness and hatred for the Adrevian upper class. She has fallen in love with Tobin, one of the most high-ranking strategens. Tobin has begun to feel guilt for the number of lives he is responsible for: both those of the soldiers that he moves like chesspieces, and those of the rebels and townsfolk that stand up for their independence. Tobin, however, has been infatuated with a young and oblivious noble-woman named Iselle for many years. After Rinna enters his life, he is torn between the two women as Rinna deals with her own guilt for moving on after Lahn’s tragic death.

Outside of the royal compound, the capital city of Adreve is churning with excitement. The leader of the Ildium has been captured and to everyone’s surprise, he is far younger than expected, probably not older than twenty. He is being held in a prison near the royal compound, and being secretly visited every night by Iselle, the same young woman that Tobin adores. Although her parents are tactfully trying to arrange a marriage between their daughter and the Crown Prince, Iselle is curious about life outside her own cloistered and pampered world. She sneaks into the alley behind the prison every night to poke food through the grated window of his cell and listen to his stories.

Cedric, the young prisoner, at first plans to use Iselle’s infatuation as a way to escape. However, he slowly finds himself falling in love with her, and can’t bring himself to ask her to risk everything to help him.

In Olovia, a small band of rebels is all that remains of their once mighty army. The majority of the peasants are tired of the fighting, and lacking any leadership, are more tempted to simply cooperate with the tyrannical Adrevians than to resist them. With most of the Idlium’s fighters concentrated in Travasia, Olovia will soon fall to the might of the Adrevian Empire.

Haben, the bastard son of the Olovian king, is one of the last remaining officers among the tattered group of rebels. He has been sent to plead assistance from Travasia, where it is rumored that the Ildium there has The Prophet in their midst. He is being pursued by Adrevian soldiers intent on killing him before he reaches Travasia. This is the story of a world in change, a time when anything could happen, when the smallest actions –even emotions- can change the course of history. This is the story of a new generation of people morphed by love, torn apart by violence, and choosing between love and duty.

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