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Story Notes:
The story is set mostly in a different world with Frodo and Gandalf as the only two LOTR characters used. Some past is mentioned which is from the books, as well as locations, but the new world and the characters within are mine. I tried to keep Frodo in line with the books, but with more detail and some changes due to new experiences. Some violence in fights but fairly clean.
Author's Chapter Notes:
More like a prologue than a full chapter. Hope you enjoy. The rest will come soon.
The sky forespoke of a coming storm, as a raging wind pushed waves up to splash against the sides of the seemingly frail, elaborate little ship and moved dark clouds to hide the bright sun’s gaze from traveler’s eyes. The wind blew cool with the mists of the waves, whipping past the hobbit’s exposed face, causing him to shiver and his peaceful smile to briefly disappear. The hobbit, one Frodo Baggins once of the Shire, pulled his elven cloak close. He stood alone at the prow of the elven ship, one of the company sailing to peace in Aman, the home of the elves.

According to Gandalf, the journey would last but one more day; one more day of thought and reflection before a multitude of days of the same, both a blessing and a curse for one with memories like his. Yet, Aman was accorded to be a place of peace and healing, within the sight of the Valar, the ones who had helped in the shaping of the world. His load would be lifted and his wound finally healed in such a magnificent place. He only hoped that Sam was enjoying his life, and not letting it slip by due to thoughts on his well-being.

His thoughts on Sam were abruptly interrupted as the ship hit a massive wave and jerked, sending Frodo straight into the rail and knocking his breath out as lighting lit the sky, not so far off. Frodo held on tightly with his small hairy hand, trying to remain upright on the man sized rails, purposely not thinking of the seemingly hobbit sized gaps at the bottom of the rails.

“Frodo,” came a familiar cry above the howling wind. “It is dangerous out here, my small friend. It would be best if you came below deck, where it is warm and safe from the elements’ fury.”

Frodo turned around to see his old friend and leader, Gandalf the White, white hair whipping behind him in the wind as he leaned out of the cabin to call his little friend. Frodo smiled at the sight, glad to see his friend's familiar visage. All troubled thoughts momentarily doused, Frodo let go of his hold on the rail and began heading across the rocking boat towards his friend and safety. It was at that moment that a huge wave crashed into the boat, flinging the light hobbit over the rail and into the cold, churning water of the sea. As the cold dark slowly took him, he thought he glimpsed a flash of light; yet such was surely not possible beneath the heaving waves of the crushing dark sea.
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