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Summary: After the Return of the King, Frodo set sail to Aman on the White Ship, intent on spending the rest of his days in peace, healing and resting after his adventures with the ring, but of a sudden he is thrown into a new world and now has another long journey ahead if he ever wishes to reach Aman and peace.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Crossovers Characters: Frodo, Gandalf / Olorin
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
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Chapters: 9 Completed: No
Word count: 15058 Read: 17131
Published: Sep 05 2007 Updated: Mar 02 2008
Story Notes:
The story is set mostly in a different world with Frodo and Gandalf as the only two LOTR characters used. Some past is mentioned which is from the books, as well as locations, but the new world and the characters within are mine. I tried to keep Frodo in line with the books, but with more detail and some changes due to new experiences. Some violence in fights but fairly clean.

1. Chapter 1: Troubled Waters by droereyns [Reviews - 4] (445 words)
More like a prologue than a full chapter. Hope you enjoy. The rest will come soon.

2. Chapter 2: A New World by droereyns [Reviews - 2] (1474 words)
This chapter introduces a new world, and a new elf unlike that of those in Tolkein's works, which is why the elf speaks in a formal, crisp form of common.
Also, I have fixed the grammatical structure of the new dialect of common to make it easier to follow and flow a bit smoother.

3. Chapter 3: The Council by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (2077 words)
Frodo, Middle Earth, and Frodo's past are not mine. Now, with that done, sit back and enjoy.

4. Chapter 4: On the Road by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (1792 words)
The journey begins.

5. Chapter 5: Langston Inn by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (2378 words)
A very interesting chapter. Hope you like it.

6. Chapter 6: New Companions by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (3622 words)
It's finally here; the next chapter. I hope you enjoy.

7. Chapter 7: South Once More by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (1101 words)
Sorry about the delay. I was very busy. Have fun.

8. Chapter 8: Trials in the Woods by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (1231 words)

9. Chapter 9: Flight by droereyns [Reviews - 0] (938 words)