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Story Notes:
As you know I rarely write simple cutesy fluffy stories, so be warned!
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Heh, the story won't be fluffy for long...please read and review!
btw, for anyone who doesn't know my Eternal Mellyn universe, Nymph is short for Niphredil, Glorfindel's daughter (The nickname's explained in Chains, coming 31st October!) Elladan's roughly four years old in this chapter, and the next chapter. Disclaimer: I do not own LOTR and I do not make any profit from writing this work of fiction.
Glorfindel sat up quickly when the door flung open, and something attached itself to his legs. Peering down at the shaking shape, he discerned it was an Elfling, although it was difficult to tell which one in the darkest part of the night.
“What is wrong El?” he asked leaning forward and clasping the shaking figure to his chest.
“There was a Balrog and it was attacking Rivendell,” Elladan sobbed.
Glorfindel gently stroked his hair, “Shh…there is no Balrog little one…it was just a bad dream.”
“I promise.”
Elladan sniffed noisily, “It felt so real though.”
“Dreams are just like that,” Glorfindel said, reaching towards the table next to his bed. He picked up a handkerchief and handed it to Elladan, “Have no fear ‘Dan. If a Balrog ever attacked Rivendell, which is incredibly unlikely, I would protect you.”
“And ‘Ro? And Nymph? And-”
“-I would protect everyone,” Glorfindel promised.

They sat like that for a while, Elladan’s sobs gradually dying down. He suddenly stiffened as a thought occurred to him.
“What if you’re not there?”
Glorfindel frowned, “What do you mean tithen pen?” *
“What if you are not here if a Balrog attacks? What if you are in loth-lor-ion or the wilds?”
“Then the other warriors will protect Rivendell.”
“What if they are not here?”
Glorfindel laughed softly, “There will always be someone to defend Imladris.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes. Now come on, you should get back to bed.”
“No!” Elladan clutched him tightly, “I want to stay with you!”
Glorfindel sighed, “Come on then,” he lifted the cover and Elladan crawled into the bed and snuggled up to the warrior.
“Besides ‘Dan, there are no Balrogs around here. They would not like it here; it would be too cold compared to their lava pools.”
“What if they wanted a holiday from being hot?”
Glorfindel chuckled, “Then they would go somewhere cold, dark, damp and infested with goblins.”
“Oh,” Elladan said sleepily, and began to drift off into dreams…

AN:// I'm hoping tithen pen means "little one" it's that or "tithen min" I've seen both used. Feedback on the bad/good elvish is helpful and much appreciated!
Loth-lor-ion is Lothloríen, Elladan's just too little to pronounce it yet. Sorry if his dialogue isn't very beliveable, I don't spend much time around little kids...
Chapter End Notes:
I'll try and update soon, but I've got two science tests to revise for and mum's limiting my computer time...
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