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Story Notes:
charecters: Aragorn (Estel), Legolas, Elrohir, Elladan, Elrond, Orcs

Warnings: Torture, some violence

Ok, so this is my first fanfic where I actually torture the charecters, so go easy on me! For now its rated PG-13, but I might change it to R depending on how things go.

And in case you've noticed, the reason that I usually put the charecters/warnings as anote instead of how everyone else does it, is because Im like the most un-internet saavy person on the planet, and I haven't exactly figured out how to highlight more than one person/warning without getting everything else in between too. *sigh* Some help with that would be appriciated.
Aragorn looked around him slowly, a small smile tugging at his lips. It was a long time since he had been in this part of the land. Almost as long as it had been since he had been home…

Home. It had been over two years since Aragorn had been back to Imladris. Two years since he had seen his adopted father and brothers. It had been far to long.

But now he was finally going back. Only a days ride away, Aragorn felt both excited and nervous. He wondered if his family would welcome him, or if they would be angry with him for not coming back for so long.

Not only would Aragorn be seeing his family again, but also his long time friend Legolas, Elven Prince of Mirkwood, who he had not seen in almost as long as he had not been home.

Aragorn winced slightly at his thoughts. In the future he would have to make more time to see his friends and family. He missed them. Life as a Ranger could get very lonely sometimes after all.

So distracted was he that he didn’t notice the strange shuffling noises that came from the trees behind him. In fact, he didn’t notice anything at all until his horse suddenly stopped short, pawing at the ground and looking nervous.

Aragorn frowned and pushed his thoughts away, chiding himself for paying so little attention to his surroundings. He leaned down and patted the horse’s neck gently, trying to cal him down. “What is it mellon nin?” he whispered soothingly to the horse before sitting up and looking around warily, his senses suddenly tingling.

He thought he heard someone moving in the trees to his right, and he peered into the trees, his cool gray eyes narrowing slightly. He gripped the hilt of his sword tightly and tried to spot the thing that had made the noise. “Who’s there? I hear you, show yourself!” He said warily, his eyes flashing.

He thought for a moment it might be Elrohir and Elladan and maybe even Legolas, come to greet him, and now trying to scare him. That was just like something the twins would do.

“Elrohir? Elladan?” He asked slowly, looking around again, hoping it was the playful elves and not something worse. “Legolas?”

When there was no answer he began to feel a small hint of alarm rise inside him, though he tried to press it down. He dismounted slowly, drawing his sword and looking around him once again. “This is not funny. Now stop trying to scare me and come out.” He said in an annoyed tone, still hoping it was his brothers.

But what came out of the trees was most defiantly not the twins. Almost twenty orcs appeared, surrounding Aragorn quickly, their evil faces twisted and hideous to look at.

Aragorn instantly stiffened and drew his sword, his gray eyes flashing. He waited for them to attack, but when they didn’t he scowled and looked around at them, completely confused. Orcs did not usually hesitate when they had someone so obviously cornered.

Suddenly the tallest orc stepped forward and seemed to be studying Aragorn slowly, his cruel yellow eyes moving up and down the human’s face and form.

Aragorn could tell that this orc was obviously the leader, mostly because he was so much taller than all the others. Aragorn felt slightly uncomfortable under the foul creatures gaze, but he did not move, he just waited to see what the orc would do next.

Suddenly the orc sneered, making his face appear move hideous than before. “This one will do.” He said in a cold voice that made Aragorn’s stomach tighten in dread. What did the orc mean ‘this one will do’? Will do for what?

But Aragorn had no time to think on it, for suddenly many of the orcs came at him and grabbed at him. Aragorn cried out and swung his sword, fighting the orcs off desperately.

He had just killed one, then another, when suddenly he feet were knocked out from under him and he fell to the ground with a crash. He winced as the orcs grabbed at him and pulled on him, their sharp claws digging into this skin, even through his cloak and tunic.

He struggled to get out of their grip, kicking one with his feet and knocking him away, and swinging at another with his sword, beheading it. Aragorn winced as the black blood of the orc splattered onto his face, but he had no time to wipe it off.

Suddenly his sword was no longer in his hand. One orc grabbed his hair and jerked Aragorn’s head back, pressing a long knife to his throat.

Aragorn stiffened and immediately stopped struggling. The many orcs crowded around him, dragging him to his feet. Aragorn almost gagged at the foul reek that came from the orcs bodies as the pressed against him, but somehow he managed to stop the bile that rose in his throat at the smell.

The orcs around him suddenly moved away, and Aragorn found himself facing the lead orc once again. The orc was shorter than Aragorn, but that didn’t stop him from getting in Aragorn’s face with a sneer. “Oh yes, this one will do very well indeed.” He laughed darkly.

Aragorn suddenly spat in the orcs face, causing a cry of outrage to spring up among the smaller orcs. The orc leader reached out and backhanded Aragorn so hard that spots floated across his vision. Aragorn tasted blood as the orc struck him again and again.

Finally after what felt like an eternity to Aragorn the orc stopped hitting him. Feeling dazed but determined not to show any weakness, Aragorn glared at the orc defiantly. Though both his nose and his mouth were bleeding badly, making his face sticky and warm.

The orc glared right back, and for a moment it looked like he was going to strike Aragorn again. But he obviously decided against it, instead he said something in orc speech to one of the creatures that was holding Aragorn, and the orc suddenly let go.

With one less orc holding him, Aragorn suddenly jerked and began to struggle again. The orcs who were holding him were taken by surprise, and Aragorn almost broke loose from their hold. But just as he finally broke free of their arms, someone grabbed him by the hair and jerked him back. Before he knew what was happening, a strong hand shoved a foul smelling cloth over his mouth and nose.

Aragorn struggled again, but his captor’s hands grabbed at him, griping him tightly and painfully. His head began to swim, and his eyes watered. He tried not to breathe, the foul cloth that covered his face making him dizzy. But he couldn’t hold his breath forever, and eventually he gave in. The scent of the foul cloth made his head swim, and suddenly his knees buckled beneath him, and he blacked out.
Chapter End Notes:
Well there it is. Im not very sure I like it, and I hope the chapters following will be better, PLEASE REVIEW! Constructive criticism is welcome as always, and even suggestions and idea. Not sure when the next chapter will be up due to the fact that I am moving, and may not have internet for a few weeks. :(
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