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Story Notes:
The reason for this isn't exactly clear so you'll have to do a little reading between the lines to understand it to it's full content
Author's Chapter Notes:
A poem about not being able to understand an urge to do something.
I sit here with a knife in my hand
What to do with it?
I do not understand

Please leave me be you evil being
I do not want to die
Leave me alone, I want to keep seeing

I can’t grasp the reason
It keeps slipping away
Maybe next week, next month or next season

But not today
I cannot leave
Please just leave me be, go away

I still sit here with a knife in my hand
Waiting for an answer
I do not understand

A voice gives an order
To draw blood from my arm
Can this voice be washed away be water?

I want to keep living
I don’t want to die
Please just leave you evil being

A final remark and I hold the knife tighter
I feel weak and helpless
After all these years I believed I was a fighter

Now I drop the knife in my hand
I get up and leave
But still don’t understand

Chapter End Notes:
I hope everyone understood this. This is kind of linked to a feeling i've endured but please don't think i'm a freak because of it. Thanks for reading - Li
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