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Author's Chapter Notes:
Right first chappie! Aragorn gets into trouble and the twins play a prank on Glorfindel!
The three rangers slowly approached the abandoned house. They were all high strung and nervous. Aragorn son of Arathorn also known as Estel,Strider,Thorongil,Elfstone and Elesser, signalled to carry on. It all seemed safe enough. They crept up to the door and pushed it open. It swung open sinisterly. They stepped inside.

A week ago Halbarad had staggered into camp with a poisoned wound and news of a house which supposedly no one could leave. Aragorn had been bored so, after ensuring Halbarad would recover, had taken two men and gone to investigate.

Now he was slightly regretting that desicion. Wandering round creepy old houses wasn't as exciting as it sounded. They had been to five so far but were fairly confident they had finally found the right one. They entered. It seemed alright. All the rooms were empty and there didnt seem to be anyone around. Room after room turned up empty and Aragorn relaxed his grip on his sword slightly. They approached a room at the end of a hallway. As they got closer everyone began to feel a strange prickle at the back of thier neck. This was the room the tales told of then.


Several leages away Legolas bent over a freshley dug grave and sighed mournfully. His beloved horse had been killed by a stray orc arrow. Legolas was injured as well but not too severly, for once! But he now had the long journey to Rivendell to complete on foot. At least he'd passed the mountains. He shouldered his pack nd started walking.


The three rangers entered into the room. The sight made them alll feel slightly ill. The room was filled with bodies. Dozens of dead men, in various state of decomposition. And in the very center of the room was a small table with a green globe on it. The globe was glowing slightly.

Aragorn had no doubt the globe was the cause of these mens death, the only question was how? He reached forward slowly. Then hurridly pulled his hand back, he had no desire to be caught in the spell as well. But to his absolute horror his hand would not obey him any more and continued reaching for the globe. He heared one of his men start to cry his name out before his fingertips made connection with the glass and his world went black.
Chapter End Notes:
Err how do you put up a new chaptor? Please R&R its my first dtory. I promise to upload regulary!
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