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Sing through me, Muses, through me tell the story
of that girl skilled in the ways of learning.
The dreamer, swept in raptures for years on end,
as she read the chronicles
of the land of Middle Earth.

She saw the forests
and learned the skills of killing Nazgul,
and weathered many bitter fools and idiots.
In her deep heart, she fought, consumed
by the vision of the misty lands, to bring new wanderers home.
But not by her will nor by her valor could she get them,
for their own foolishness condemned them all -
children and fools, they would not feast on
the exploits of Lord Aragorn, the Ranger,
he who covers the miles by day
gives courage by night and illumines the imagination.

Of these adventures, Valar, Children of Eru Iluvatar,
tell us in our time, lift the great epic again.
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