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Story Notes:
I know it says completed, but I'll continue adding to them.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Off topic...but I would really like to get reviews.
My world came crashing down
Around my ears without a sound
No one heard the cries
No one ever tries
To look after me
To really see

To give a damn
To lend a hand
To give a shit about what I want
They only speak to taunt
To rip apart my soul
Leaving a void blacker than coal

No one stops to comfort
Only to fire off a retort
To make me feel worse
Until I wish I was in a hearse
Escaping the pain of it all
Wanting the silence before the fall

Looking to see a light anywhere
A light from someone who will honestly care
No beacons of hope light the dark
No one awakes to realize with a start
That I’m a human that I can feel
That all those insults I can hear

I need someone to chase the dark away
To bring light into my tiring day
Someone that will always be there
And who will always care

To come to catch me when my world is turned
Upside down and when I am burned
For someone to tell me that they will stay
Is all I need to make it through the day
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