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Aragorn grumbled all the way to the pharmacy. He tied up Brego to the carpark fence and made his way slowly to the door because his riding pants were riding up. Good thing he had his sword on him, it gave him much more courage. Just like that one time when he gave the speech to the sons of Gondor and Rohan on the plains of Mordor, outside the Black Gate. That was a good year.

He carefully felt the cold metal of the hilt and felt rejuvenated. He could do this task. He led the Ringbearer and defeated countless orcs, for Elendil's sake! He could do this minor task appointed to him. And anyway, he was the King of Gondor now. People would respect him wherever he went. If only he'd thought to bring his crown…but no matter. Everyone would know who he is anyway.

He got to the door to the pharmacy. It was glass and absolutely no way in. He might have to shatter it. But then it magically opened, sliding in two directions. "That's new…" He thought to himself. He walked gracefully over the threshold, glancing at people in the store but not looking them in the eye to show that he was superior. He heard a gasp from behind one of the counters. "Yes," he told himself "they know who I am."

He walked through the isles, aimlessly browsing to distract everyone from the purchase he was about to make. He turned around and saw a small girl of about four years with wide eyes and an impish smile on her lips. She had her hands clasped in front of her and was swinging them from side to side.

Aragorn glanced around to see if anyone was near. "Y…yes?"

She continued to swing her arms.

Hs eyes darted to the tranquilizer section of the pharmacy. "Look, I have to walk that way now. Can you please move for me?"

She pointed at his face. "Can I touch your beard?"

"Um…no." He replied. "…sorry."

The girl got a deeply irritated expression and stomped away angrily. At last he was free to move. He walked to the tampon section and randomly chose a box that looked the cheapest. Even though he was rich, there's no use wasting money. He didn’t spend more than he needed on clothes; in fact he had the same shirt for decades. There must still have been ranger blood in him.

He trudged to the counter and pulled out some golden coins. "How much is it?"

The cashier eyed his sword suspiciously, but when he pulled out the gold, he placed a false smile on his crooked face. "It's five gold coins, sir."

"Five?! That’s a rip off, that is."

"But three for you, sir. You don’t look like a gentleman to be trifled with." His smile remained affixed upon his greasy features.

"That’s better." He placed three golden coins upon the counter and waited for the cashier to bag his purchase, which he did dreadfully slowly.

He held out the bag. "Here you are, sir."

"Thank you." Just as he took the bag, three armed men seized him and began dragging him away. "What…what's going on here?"

"We're security, we were called in to eradicate you from this building."

He dug his heels into the ground. "I just want my tampons! Is that so much to ask?!" lightning fast, he drew his sword. The guards backed off.

"Now sir, we don’t want any accidents here."

"There won't be if you stay at a respectable distance from me." He picked up the bag he dropped and backed out of the store, Anduril gleaming in the pharmacy's artificial light. "That was horrible." He said when he got back to where Brego was tethered. "Glad I got out of there."

He mounted and began to ride off. Sirens could be heard in the distance.
Chapter End Notes:
It ended a bit fast, i know. Might elaborate later.
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