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Author's Chapter Notes:
Wrote this a while ago, so might not be as good as some of my more recent work.

O Rohan! Where does thine heart beat?
Is it in the River, whose waters are so sweet?
O Rohan! Who is thine Lord?
Is it the King? No. 'Tis the dragon, who guards his hoard.
O Rohan! Whose voice is there to plea:
"What lies betwixt the mountains and the Sea?"
O Rohan! Thine treasures number many!
Yet, thee hast no gold to offer, not any!
O Rohan! Why do the townspeople love thee?
'Tis your beauty, they say, and I agree.
Chapter End Notes:
Yeah that last line was a bit cheesy "And i agree!' mmm...could have done better.
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