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Story Notes:
Thanks to Karlimir Stonewain for another intresting challenge, Keep on sending out those challenges and I will keep answearing them ;)

I got stuck on what I was writing before so I find doing something else really helps instead of just quitting, now I am going back to what I was doing, lol.
I truly wish I could say that there is some very romantic and interesting story behind my penname and while there is indeed a story I would not really consider it either of the above.

It begun when I enrolled in my first RPG and while insight I could have just called the character “Mary Sue #5” and it probably would have fit quite well. I confess freely when Anwyn first started off, she was very much a mary sue in that she was very kick ass and strong and generally very sue-ish and while I am not saying that having a strong female character automatically equates her being sue but in my case it happened to be quite true though I have long since learned from those mistakes, moved on and revamped the character.

Though back onto the matter of finding a name I wanted something pretty but not overly difficult to spell because it happens to look quite poorly when you can’t even spell your own characters name or if you have a name that is so ridiculous you can’t remember all of it such as Princess Lady Lovely Locks of the Pretty Pink Sparkly Pony People, actually I believe that was the name of one of my barbies as a child.

So simplicity really seemed as though it would be the key in this, though I also desired a name that was authentic and so I did what I like to think I do best, I read up on it. Now Tolkien filled an entire world of characters with names that really seemed to fit and felt and sounded quite authentic, and while I do not claim to possess even an ounce of that same brilliance for writing I didn’t think it would be entirely hard.

I had learned the meaning of Eowyn’s name, and as most know Rohirrim is derived from Anglo Saxon and “Eo” means “Horse’ and “Wyn” held the meaning “joy”

So with that in mind I sat with for a time and I really liked the ending of “Wyn” and its meaning of joy and so I began to play around with what would work well with it starting at the beginning of the alphabet and then working my way up. Since the end result was Anwyn obliviously it did not take me too terribly long and yet the moment it came into my mind it instantly stuck and that was it.

At that time I did not know the full meaning of the name but I ran with it though by chance I came across a contributor for TORN.net who writes fascinating articles called “Anwyn’s Counterpoint” and while I had never seen them before it was rather interesting to see another woman had come to the same name conclusion as I had and it would be a little while later that I would read an interview with this other Anwyn who had researched the name completely and found that “An” meant “Life” and so the name Anwyn put together meant “Life Joy” which at this point another little light flickered on because it suited my character quite beautifully.

As to why it was also adapted as my writing name it all returns once more to simplicity, Though I suppose it would have been just as simple to use my actual given name but in a sense it dates back to the time where I was slowly weaning myself away from solid RPG to becoming a more independent writer composing longer and more complex stories and in the writing groups I was involved in I was known as Anwyn to many and for that reason also I saw no reason to make a change.

I am not bothered in the least being called Anwyn as I think it is a very pretty name, If I might say so without sounding terribly egotistical as I am actually quite modest.

I would not go so far as to say that Anwyn is my alter ego in the way of Superman and Clark Kent “By day a mild mannered OR Nurse but by night!.... Still a mild mannered OR Nurse who writes stories” Doesn’t have the same exciting quality to I would say.

Though to me its still more than “Just a name”

Anwyn is my muse, who inspires and encourages me to write and is the reason why I sometimes abandon a certain plot or idea because it just doesn’t feel write and I feel that anyone can sit and add words to a page but unless you can really get behind and believe what you are reading then it is going to show and Anwyn is the force that has slowly been leading me into deeper waters and making sure I can swim before we go on.

I view it as to be touched by a benevolent force who does not lay everything out before me and gives me the answers but more a silent encouragement that helps me through the rough patches when I am feeling like anything I write down is terrible or I am completely blank. It is difficult for me to explain this, though I have done my best without hopefully sounding like I suffer from some mental disorder as I assure you being a Nurse I would have diagnosed myself long ago. I have been writing for many years now and I do believe that there is something greater that pushes me forward, or else I would just be spinning hopelessly in circles.

On the surface it is just truly a name and the one I happen to write by that came to me long ago and has stuck quite tightly so much so that I do not question something that feels so right. I can’t say that I was really trying to make any great messages with my penname, It was the name of what I would consider the most well known of my characters, the feisty and very dear Anwyn. Perhaps one day, If and when I decide to have children I will name my daughter Anne Lynn to honor her and then every day have a little secret laugh.

Whatever comes, I know that at least one thing shall always remain a constant. That to every journey, no matter how small and unimportant it may seem there shall always be a beginning and for me that beginning was in a name.
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