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Author's Chapter Notes:
Not finished yet.
Boromir looked up. What was that noise? The wind. Sometimes he would hear it make the strangest noises, and never think air could make a sound like that. Now it made a terrible howling through the branches of the trees surrounding them. For a second he wished he could clamp his hands over his ears and wish it would go away, but air invaded his ears too…and it would not help him no matter how hard he tried to make it go away, it would be there.

But then…another sound now. Sounds of war he could hear in the distance. Sounds of metal on metal and flesh on rock. He just had time to draw his sword before a dozen or so uruks came crashing downhill through the trees ahead of them. He could hear Pippin gasp from behind him as he quickly discarded the first uruk's attack with a swift movement of his sword. -TO BE CONTINUED-
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