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Summary: A new little twist on an older idea..."The Rant" was a very, very popular commercial from the Molson Brewing company back in 2000, Its been redone many, many times and tonight just for a laugh I tweaked it once more and it gave me a giggle, I hope you may get a kick out of it too.

"The Rant" as it is known belongs to Molson and anything Lord of the Rings related belongs to the Tolkien Estate.
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Published: Feb 27 2008 Updated: Feb 27 2008

1. Chapter 1: Hey.... by Anwyn [Reviews - 3] (156 words)
Just a random idea that came to me, I hope you enjoy it.

I will put the original "Rant" in a second chapter as well as a link to the video. Again, this is completely random and not meant to offend, I am too worn out from working quite abit this week do much else, gottta have fun somehow ^_^

2. Chapter 2: "The Rant" by Anwyn [Reviews - 4] (200 words)