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Everything of Tolkiens is his and everything that is mine is mine.

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She stood looking out from her talan this would be the last hour she spent there, for she would be traveling to Lorien at first light. Barefoot she made her way back to her bedchamber, Miluiel her handmaiden was waiting for her.

“Miss, you should dress we will depart soon. Everyone is nearly ready can I assist you in any way?” She asked kindly. “No, thankyou it will only take me a few moments, please tell my brother that I will join them shortly.” Miluiel nodded and left the room.

She changed her clothes quickly replacing her nightdress with light blue breeches and a long sleeved grey woolen jacket her boots were hardened leather and they reached her calves. Her hair was a copper red which she braided tightly and wound around her head. She glanced into the mirror and regarded her appearance, little had changed in the last few hundred years.. She walked through the talan one last time this had been their home as children. It was smaller then most but had suited their family well over the years. When their parents had sailed west she remembered how quiet it had become.

Waiting outside already mounted were the rest of her party, “Forgive me.. I am ready..” She sighed and mounted her horse. “Eruwaedhiel…her brother smiled. “Do not worry Lorien will be a good home for us.” He placed on hand on her shoulder. “I only wish we could stay a bit longer..” She look at him and grinned. “I will not stand in the way of your happiness a wedding is a joyous occasion, I know how long Santiel has waited for your return…” She nudged her horse forward. “Let us not tarry any longer.”


Eruwaedhiel spent much of her time alone though Miluiel was a constant comfort. She was a younger elleth who had worked for their family for many years, Miluiel joined them when her parents had sailed west she had been very young. She was quite lovely, her hair was a warm honey color and her face was delicately heart shaped. She cleaned, cooked, and helped with the sewing, and in return they gave her room and board.
Her brother had once confessed to liking her.. She had laughed.

Arandur was his name, and they were very simiar in appearance. They had the same copper hair, the same long nose and the same high cheekbones.. Arandur had worked as a border guard for many years. In Lorien he would be an Archery instructor, it was his wish to be close to his family. He would marry Santiel a month after they arrived. They had met when he visited the golden wood for the first time they had become fast acquaintances and he visited her as often as she would let him.. It was obvious that they were in love and Eruwaedhiel had never been happier for him.

Eruwaedhiel rode her horse in silence as they quickly approached Lorien’s border.
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