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Summary: An Elleth begins a new life in Lorien with her brother. Though reluctant at first in this new place, she finds adventure and romance is not far..
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Published: Apr 08 2008 Updated: Apr 14 2008
Story Notes:
Everything of Tolkiens is his and everything that is mine is mine.

This is my first story so please be constructive in your critism, I can only improve!

1. Chapter 1 by Macisliz [Reviews - 8] (498 words)
This is my first story so please review I would love to hear any advice or critism that can be given.

This chapter may be edited in the future so please be sure to keep an eye out.

2. Chapter 2 by Macisliz [Reviews - 4] (851 words)
I have been a writing fiend all day! I hope you enjoy.