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Story Notes:
Have you ever had a really huge crush on your best friend? Well, I did and a small part of me still does. Its a lot of fun to some extent, especially when he keeps telling me that he loves me (as a friend), practically everyday. I've always known that he liked someone else but did that stop me? NO... And then, I guess, the inevitable happened.
Why do you not see me?
Can you not see that I love you?
Every night when we talk,
You hurt me, without knowing you do.
You speak of another,
As you used to speak to me.
I always respond, make you laugh,
And urge you to get closer to her,
My heart breaking into a million pieces
Every time I say this.
I like to see you happy,
And in doing so,
I have forfeit my peace of mind.
I have stopped seeing the joy in small things.
You haunt my dreams,
You are always in my thoughts.
You are breaking me,
Piece by piece.
Everything that you say is so charming,
Every word you that you utter is a joy in itself.
You still say the same things,
But these words are not for me,
As they used to be.
Every night, I take this bitter pill,
And give in to this sweet sadness for hours.
It is, but, a small price to pay for your friendship,
Which I would have gladly paid once.
But things have changed now.
Even thinking of you makes me cry.
Yet, every night I wait for you to call,
So I can have that bitter joy of talking to you.
Every conversation makes me feel sad,
As though my heart is being pierced,
Oh, so slowly, by a knife.
It’s a slow pain that I endure for our sakes,
So I can see your eyes light up with hope, every time we meet,
Even though it twists me inside to even speak like that.
I still cannot help loving you.
Tell me what you want of me and I will give it gladly.
Why can we not end this for me?
Why do you not see me, my foolish darling?
Why do you not see that I love you?
Chapter End Notes:
Well, that's how it is.
Do tell me if you liked my poem or not. I'm open to constructive criticism. So, please let me know if you want me to change something. I know that I have used a lot of cliches, but they describe what I feel in the best possible way.
And as for actual fanfiction, I just have some half-baked ideas floating in my head. All I need is some time to clear my thoughts, which is precisely what I'm not getting!
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