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Summary: Alexandra Ward's life had been going down hill. she lost her job, her apartment building had been broken into, and on top of that, her magical powers seemed to be betraying her. When reciting a spell to help her life turn for the better, she gets transported to Middle Earth, in the middle of the greatest war imagineable. The war for the One Ring.
Rated: R
Categories: Movie-verse Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Balrog, Boromir, Elrond, Eomer, Eowyn, Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf / Olorin, Gimli, Haldir, Legolas, Mouth of Sauron, Nazgūl, Original Character, Sam, Saruman, Sauron, The Fellowship
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Warnings: AU (alternate universe), Violence
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Published: Apr 12 2008 Updated: Apr 21 2009
Story Notes:
I own nothing from the movie, I am merely using them as a guideline so i don't miss anything from the movie verse as I have entered my character into the movie.
No copywrite infringement intended the use is strictly for entertainment purposes only :D

1. Chapter 1: Spell gone Wrong by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 8] (1287 words)
Meeting Alexandra Ward

*REWRITTEN -- partly**

2. Chapter 2: Meeting the Fellowship by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1343 words)
This is longer then the first, i apologize for the shortness of the first chapter.

*Re-edited fixed for the poor tense structure.*

3. Chapter 3: The Mine of Moria by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1363 words)
*Edited slightly to fix tense errors*

4. Chapter 4: A battle and the Balrog by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (3388 words)
*Edited for tense problems*

5. Chapter 5: Back to Lorien, and Getting to know Alexandra. by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (2387 words)
*Slight edited due to tense and some embellishments*

6. Chapter 6: The Breaking of the Fellowship by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1666 words)
*Slight edits*

7. Chapter 7: Hunting Orcs by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1961 words)
Once more, i do not own any of the characters or the world besides the modern day characters.
JRR Tolkien was a genius, and Peter Jackson was brilliant in his telling of the stories with the movies, I use the movies and the script as a guideline. *Chapter has been slightly edited*

8. Chapter 8: Meeting old friends, and Edoras by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 2] (3031 words)
This is the longest chapter I've written for this so far, but it all flowed together so easily i couldn't resist.

9. Chapter 9: Theoden and Eowyn by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1475 words)
Yes, I'm aware, this one's shorter, but I wanted a little bit extra without her being in every thing that Aragorn and Co. are.

10. Chapter 10: Warg Battle by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (2066 words)

11. Chapter 11: Helm's Deep by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (2590 words)

12. Chapter 12: Battle for Helm's Deep by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (3750 words)
This one is VERY long, forgive me.

13. Chapter 13: Isengard by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1791 words)
This one follows very closely to the scene in the movie, needed to put this bit in there, for I feel it's important, but I love the interaction of Legolas and Alex in this, the next chapter, there'll be more of my original stuff.

14. Chapter 14: Feasting by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (2570 words)
I hope I got the right elvish word for My Love.

15. Chapter 15: The Palantir and Romance by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (2461 words)

16. Chapter 16: The Beacons of Gondor by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1529 words)
:: Sigh: Who doesn't love a little elf lovin?

thanks to my new Beta! Caroline :D

17. Chapter 17: To the Mountains by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (2571 words)
Thanks Caroline my Beta!!! :D You truely are a gem!

18. Chapter 18: The Dead Army by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (1651 words)
Once again, my Beta I love ya!

19. Chapter 19: Battle at Minas Tirith by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (2175 words)
Caroline you and your speed editing, I love it.

20. Chapter 20: The Black Gate by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (3207 words)

21. Chapter 21: Rivendell by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 0] (2090 words)
Thanks Caroline for getting this back to me so quickly! I got people bugging me to continue! LOL

22. Chapter 22: The life she led, the shock of his by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1660 words)
My beta, you truely are amazing! Thank you for your encouragement, and thoughts!

23. Chapter 23: Breaking the News by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1506 words)
Once more, thanks my Beta for being UBER excellent in getting this back to me quickly you ARE awesome

24. Chapter 24: Coronation by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 2] (2305 words)

25. Chapter 25: Healing the Broken hearted by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (2120 words)
Sorry for the delay in updating.
Holidays craziness plus orders for my latest craft, corcheting have overwhelmed. I hope to have chapter 26 by Sunday.

26. Chapter 26: Journey from the White City by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1853 words)
I apologize to everyone who's been waiting for an update. i had it written 3 weeks ago, TWO CHAPTERS, my computer over heated, and I lost it all. I have 27 almost finished again. I should be up semi soon

27. Chapter 27: Home to Mirkwood by Jordanplustwo [Reviews - 1] (1829 words)
A/N This story will be on hiatus until further notice, i have received and agent for my novel, and i need to focus on that. I hope that soon I will be able to return to Legolas and Alexandra, but only time will be able to tell.