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Summary: Young Elladan and Elrohir experienced quite an adventure.

Just a bad luck

In joy and angst we stay together
Forever bound, from birth to death
We share happiness and sorrow,
Each other’s thoughts with ease we guess…

The sun was smiling warmly from the clear sky above the emerald canopy of the fair forests that surrounded Imladris. Light summer wind was blowing happily among the old wise trees and disturbed the crystal surface of the river.
Too small figures were running along the shore, laughing melodically. Suddenly one of them stumbled over the thin root and fell head first onto the ground. The other one tripped over his fallen comrade and both rolled in a heap, wrestling.
After a few minutes they sat up, breathing heavily, happy smiles lightening two identical faces.
"Can you imagine father's expression when he knew where have we been?" One of the twins asked, putting the strand of the black, now absolutely dirty hair, behind the elegantly pointed ear.
"You know, I like the word "if" more than the word "when"." His brother replied.
Both elves grinned widely. They managed to escape all their tutors and father, who happened to be the lord of Imladris, took some food from the kitchen's store and escape the stronghold without anyone's notice. Two young elves were forbidden to go into the woods alone, everyone being so concerned about their lives. In human equivalent they were about eleven or so, too energetic and curious about everything.
The day in the woods on their own was more appealing than calm steady life of the elves of Imladris to them.
"How about hawing a little snack, Elladan?" One of the twins suggested.
They sat under the big tree that greeted them with a gentle rustling of it's leaves. Elladan took small package from under his tunic. It was slightly crumpled. But that only made the meal more tasty for the two young ones. Twins ate crumpled bread and fruits with the great appetite after the day, spent in the open air.
"Never eaten something as tasty." Elladan said, putting his back against the tree, suddenly feeling pleasantly sleepy.
"Yeah, you are right." Elrohir agreed. "Wow, I'm thirsty."
He stood up and came down to the river intending to take a good drink. The current here wasn't calm for the river was on it's way toward the waterfall. The elf carefully put one foot on the log that was laying half buried in the wet soil of the high bank. The wood didn't move and Elrohir risked putting another foot on it. He leaned over the river and scooped some water.
Suddenly the log rolled under the elf and Elrohir fell into the water. He wasn't prepared for the dive and swallowed a mouthful of water. Choking, with his lungs burning for air, the young elf fought his way toward the surface desperately. Feeling the fresh air on his face he gulped it greedily, coughing and spitting the water. From some distance he heard his name being shouted. Looking around he saw Elladan running down one of the river banks with panicked expression.
Elrohir tried to swim, but the current was strong and his body was weak from near drowning. He was being carried away helplessly.
"Watch out!" He heard his twin crying out.
Elrohir tried to turn around for he was swimming back first but he had no time. His back and head hit the large rock that happened to stuck out of the water hard, leaving the young elf dazed. Elrohir concentrated all his strength and will power on staying conscious. For he knew that should he black out, nothing would save him from drowning.

Elladan could do nothing but watch as his twin hit the rock, almost loosing his consciousness. He must come out with a plan of rescue soon for the river was steadily moving Elrohir toward the fall. The elf looked around helplessly. What should he do?
Some distance in front of them the river was making a bend. Elladan saw his only opportunity. There was a thick branch of an old tree hanging over the water. Hitting the rock Elrohir slowed down a bit giving his brother the opportunity to come up. Now Elladan summoned all his strength and ran forward at a top speed. It was his only chance to rescue his brother. Beating all speed limits he was near the tree less then a minute later. Elladan truly couldn't remember how he had climb it. Reaching out he managed to grab the back of Elrohir's shirt in the last possible moment.
"Com on, brother!" He groaned through greeted teeth. "Give me your hand."
Elrohir overpowered the shock at last and grabbed his brother's arm in a dead grip. Risking to fell into the river along with his brother, Elladan pulled his twin up and into the branch.
Both were breathing heavily. Elrohir hid his face in his brother's shoulder.
"Thanks." He rasped out hoarsely, starting to cough again.
"Let's get down." Elladan suggested, his heart still racing madly.
He helped his twin down from the tree. Elrohir winced as he jumped down. His head was aching fiercely, shooting bolts of pain through his temples. And his whole back was sore.
"How do you feel?" Elladan asked with concern, the worry written all over his face.
"My head hurts." Elrohir confessed. He started to tremble slightly.
Elladan calmed himself and tried to remember every bit of what he had been told about first aid and surviving in the wild. He sited his brother against the trunk of the tree that rescued him and went to collect some dry wood for fire. He needed to warm Elrohir. Even though it was summer, the wind near the river was chilly especially for completely soaked elf. The next step was to get the fire started. But it was one of those things which the twins mastered quickly, almost burning the whole garden down.
He had no supplies to help Elrohir with pain or headache. Seeing no open injuries Elladan sighed with relief. He hugged his brother closer noticing that Elrohir was already half asleep. He remembered his father saying that it was dangerous to let the one with a head injury to fall asleep. But Elladan didn't have a heart to wake his brother up. He decided to let him sleep a little bit.
His own eyes were growing heavy. After experiencing such an ordeal he was exhausted. Elladan was fighting with the sleep. But his thoughts were becoming more matted with each heartbeat. "I must stay awake. I must watch over Elrohir." He told himself one more time... and fell asleep.

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