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Summary: Indian Parties are ridiculously crazy, but what happens when amidst your family's insane-ness, the fattening food, and the non-stop music, lies the love of your life--hidden behind years of family snubbing and intense rivalries.
Rated: PG-13
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Genres: Angst
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Published: May 11 2008 Updated: May 16 2008
Story Notes:
My personal experience and creativity clash together to create this sarcastically real portrayal of love at first (or second, or third, or seventh) sight.

1. Prologue--The Introduction by Mylorian [Reviews - 4] (1070 words)
This was written fresh after returning from a notorious Indian party. Someone there inspired me so much, and the idea was formed in my mind. It was so irksome, that it wouldn't let me rest, and so I found myself at 3 in the morning grabbing my laptop and writing it out so I could finally have some rest...

2. Year One--Part One by Mylorian [Reviews - 0] (1980 words)
I'm having so much fun with this, I hope you have fun reading!

3. Year One--Fin. by Mylorian [Reviews - 0] (1945 words)
Yaay! Year one done!