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Author's Chapter Notes:
There will be more....see if i can't tie this in with my story of Celestials.....
Do not weep my little one
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Those who speak to you, they lie
They cannot see inside
Only you and I know you truly
What they see is a disguise

Listen closely to my voice
No matter what they say
I am here by your side
Through darkness and in light
Through the day and through the night

I will always be here for you
I will listen to your cries
Your pleas for end to torment
Your pain is mirrored in my eyes

Why do you not see?
There is always someone to love you
There is always someone to care

Let your worries go
Rid your mind of those uncertainties
Things look bad now, but you will see
In a year, in a month, or in a day
You will see the world in a different way

There are plans made, beyond your control
Bear out the bad the best you can
Keep in mind of what's ahead
Someone will see behind the mask
They will take the time to stop and ask
Who you really are, what you really feel

So sleep now, rest your tired head
Be assured your pleas are heard
You are not alone
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