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One day when Legolas and Gimli were travelling together in Middle Earth they decided to go visit Rivendell and Elrond.

Elrond was pleased to see Legolas in particular, but he also welcomed Gimli.

“We shall pass over the seas soon, however I believe I must go see Aragorn one last time. Arwen will come with me. I am surprised you are not still at Minas Tirith with Aragorn,” Elrond said.

“I decided to return to the land of my father Thranduil; however, I believe I will return to Minas Tirith with you.”

Elrond’s face fell when he heard Legolas’s father’s name. He had received news of the king of Mirkwood that was not pleasing. His next words were dark. “Legolas, I regret to inform you, but King Thranduil passed away in-between the council that decided the fate of the ring, and your return now.”

“Did the message say how he died?” Legolas was surprised and saddened by this news. He had never thought his father would die when he was not in Mirkwood.

“No, but I daresay you’ll find out when your kindred come to you,” Elrond said softly. He knew that Legolas would not be very happy because of this news.

“Thank you for bringing this news to me. I appreciate it,” Legolas said softly.


When Legolas next saw Elrond Half-elven, the elven lord was tacking up a white horse. Next to him was Arwen, the Evenstar of her people, and Elrond’s daughter, and she too was preparing her white horse.

Arwen looked at him in an amused way. Legolas greeted her and helped her prepare her horse where he could.

He then went and collected Arod, the horse that King Eomer, of Rohan had given him. Arod had borne the elf into battle and many other places as well. Elrond looked at the gelding with some interest.

Then when the ten elves that remained in Rivendell were ready to go, Legolas went to fetch his bow, quiver and long white knife that he carried with him whenever he was travelling. He was not so pleased about the news of his father’s death. It meant he would have to take the throne that his father had now left unattended.

When he got back to Arod, he lifted Gimli up onto the horse and then mounted in front of the dwarf. As usual, the dwarf looked extremely strange sitting up on the big horse.

“Eowyn told me of the last time you tried to control a horse. You ended up flat on your back a few meters away. She said it was very funny to watch. A pity I was scouting further ahead when that happened, Gimli,” Legolas said.

“Yes, well, I did not think anyone would say anything about that at all,” Gimli said with a small chuckle.

Elrond came walking to wards them on his horse, with Arwen riding beside him. “Well, it’s time.”
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