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Story Notes:
Challenge: Hedonistic Glorfindel; full challenge posted to Erestor Lovers and LOTR All Slash – Requested by April
“He has no morals.”

“I must disagree. Just because his ethics differ from yours does not make him immoral.”

Erestor tried not to look at the ellon in question, but it was difficult considering there were few others in the Hall of Fire that evening. His argument that the display in the corner was what had chased everyone out further amused his lord.

“I doubt people were offended as you choose to believe. On the contrary, it would seem as if he gave many couples a nudge to seek out their own pleasure in private.”

“And that is what he should be doing,” countered Erestor. “There is no need for that sort of behavior here. He and the minstrel can find an unoccupied room somewhere to keep from disturbing everyone else. What if a child were to enter?”

“You know that elflings are not allowed in this room.” Elrond sighed and sipped the cider from the mug he held. Celebrian had been called away by the nanny, else he would have been with her in some secluded place somewhere. He shifted as discretely as he could; Glorfindel was putting on quite the show tonight.

The advisor turned his head and gaped in horror. “You… you are excited from watching him,” hissed Erestor, his cheeks turning crimson.

“Aye,” agreed Elrond, not one to lie about anything if he could help it.

Erestor looked away, disgusted. “Let us hope your wife never discovers this… unnatural yearning you have.”

Elrond chuckled. “Do you think I never told Celebrian about Ereinion? Who do you think introduced us? Ah, Erestor, for all your wisdom there is so much you are ignorant of.”

“Maybe if I am so ignorant, you should find another chief advisor,” huffed Erestor.

“The sorts of things you are unacquainted with do not hurt your abilities to advise me, only your own wellbeing.”

“What sort of nonsense is that?” Erestor frowned as Elrond stood up. “You have no intention of elaborating, do you?”

“No, but I have every intention of finding my wife.” Elrond settled his hands on Erestor’s shoulders as he stood behind him. “You know, the laws and customs are simply suggestions and guidelines. They are not hard, fast rules.”

Erestor bristled. “They were good enough for Doriath and good enough for Lindon.”

“And where are Doriath and Lindon know?” mused Elrond. Erestor shot him a dark look. “Your pardon, my friend. I just think you would be happier if you relaxed a little.”

“Indeed. That is why I came here. To relax. Not to watch some sort of obscene, pornographic display, and certainly not from him.” Erestor stood up as well. “I believe I shall retire for the evening. Good night.”

“Good night,” repeated Elrond as he watched his advisor slip out of the room. He waited until the door closed behind him before he looked over to the corner and made a motion to the ex-soldier who was seducing his minstrel.

Glorfindel had been sitting behind Lindir, legs draped down at either side. The night had been spent playing a game of ‘How much touching would it take for Lindir to hit a wrong note’. It seemed Glorfindel would have to abstain from the next round. Instead of making the minstrel stand up, Glorfindel lifted one leg all the way around and clear over Lindir’s head. He gave him a kiss on the cheek before sauntering up to Elrond. “My lord?”

“After you have finished with my minstrel, come to my room. Unless you will be too tired.”

A hint of a smile played on Glorfindel’s mouth. “I was wondering how long you could go without me.”

“Celebrian misses your presence as well,” whispered Elrond. “Should we expect you?”

“Most certainly,” replied Glorfindel, succumbing to a smile.
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