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Story Notes:
This is my first fan fic, and my first draft. Enjoy!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Huge thank you to my best friend who helped with the grammar and the elvish! Thank you!
Moonlight shone against the sleeping trees and the realm of Imladris was bathed in silver light. A haven of hope and respite in the stirring world. Weariness was left at its borders, evil never spoken of, apart from deep within the council chambers of the Last Homely House. Yet, unrest now lay in the hearts of all; the shadow was creeping fast, spanning out from Mordor. Changing life as they knew it.


All was still. All was quiet. All was at peace, except for the faint tread of her feet touching the soft grass. Her pace was steady but her mind was racing. Her head was calm but her heart was aching. Longing for the comfort of a friend she headed west to the glade. Their glade.

“Mae govannen, mellon-nin, what brings you out at this time?”

His voice came out from behind her, his footsteps were hidden in the grass. She turned round to meet his concerned gaze, the light of the stars reflected in his eyes.

“A heavy heart, Legolas, which grows heavier with each passing day.”

She sighed, her eyes sad, weary, as if this young elf had seen millennia of suffering and pain. Legolas took Arwen’s hand and led her to the middle of the glen. Sitting her down amongst the wild flowers of heather and honeysuckle, he said,

“And why, Arwen, are you so troubled? Estel is hardy and has fought many a battle, he is also skilled in many ways, he will return to you.”

His eyes were sincere, full of caring, yet this did not soothe her.

“Ada wishes me to pass over the sea; he wants me to leave him, to forget. If he does return, if your fellowship succeeds…. I may not be there to enjoy the fruits of a better world. Yet, he cannot make me, I have made my choice. I will be mortal, yet my path is unclear”

her eyes tightened as her heart was breaking. The stars bore her no comfort, the moon bore her no solace, and her hands felt cold. The light breeze was no longer friendly to her skin, nor was the feel of the grass. Nothing would be right is Estel was slain. the ground would fall beneath her feet, the sky forever be grey, lifeless.

" Arwen, my dear, dear friend, i will make you one promise; i will ensure he returns, no matter what, you will see him again. Although it pains me to.. to see you .. and Estel ... die one day, it wouldn't make me happier to see the love you both have flourish. I love you as my own sister, Estel , my brother. He will return."

he bent his head to kiss her hair, and he stayed there, sharing her anguish as she unburdened her sorrow. they stayed there until morning, not moving until Estel came. He saw their friendship and was glad; Arwen seemed lighter in spirits, her eyes less old.
Chapter End Notes:
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