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Author's Chapter Notes:
Let's face it, Orcs are portrayed as evil, violent creatures in literature, movie & games. If we kept an open mind and decided to take a more objective view of why they are who they are, you might be surprised to learn that we have a lot in common...
DISCLAIMER: No Orcs were harmed in the research of this story. Do not use this content without the express written permission of the author. Resemblance to Orcs living or dead is purely coincidental.

Orgulak, an Orc's Adventure

Orgulak was a soldier and a warrior. He was not an animal or a beast. He was well-schooled in the art of melee and had received honors in the study of battle strategy. His mentor, Gothmog, the fallen Hero of Pellenor Fields fame, called him the finest, young Orc in the regiment, a singular honor. Although, it is true that an Orc is always prepared for battle, there is still a great deal of training, sacrifice and hard work, required from each unit.

Orgulak was born in Durthang, near Udun, but received his military training in Minas Morgul. When Orgulak was young, the family moved to Rhun and Orgulak's father {his parents will be referred to as mother or father for the sake of simplicity} became a Boar farmer in and his mother delivered food and supplies to the local garrison. As a family they were well off, by human standards, and were well-respected by the community. Orgulak raised Wargs. His prize “Wargling” was T'gal, He raised T'gal from birth and developed a close bond with, who would later become, his lifetime companion and ally in battle. Orcs, in general, train their beasts to battle and to hunt for food. Orgulak wanted to learn how to communicate with T'gal, since there is a basic language that Warg's use to communicate with each other. He felt that if he could communicate with his pet, he would gain a better understanding of it's strengths and weaknesses, which would prove useful in battle.

Roughly the age of a human teenager, he was called to serve in the defense of Mordor, while Aragorn and the unified human forces approached the gates of Mordor. He had received word that Gothmog had fallen at the gates of Minas Tirith, at the hands of Aragorn and Gimli and knew that his place was at the front, replacing the veteran troops. Orgulak had not witnessed the horrors of war, first-hand and did not know what lie in store for his inexperienced unit. He knew that it was his duty to preserve the memory of his lost mentor and to defend the home of the Orcs, to the last. He was not familiar with humans, elves, dwarves or any race of any other kind, except for Orcs, in Middle Earth, so he did not harbor any hatred for the other races. Fear of the impending conflict and the reality that he may not be returning home, were paramount on his mind.

Sauron? He was an evil force that manipulated Orcs into combat against the other races. He forced families into labor camps including his parents who died in Minas Morgul of exhaustion after working in food production, without rest or proper medical attention. Retribution? Was his allegiance to the evil leadership that used Orcs as battle fodder or to the Orcs he held in high regard and the survival of the entire race in general?
Today, he would not seek revenge, rather, it was his goal to honor the memory of an inspirational Orc that had fallen, sword in hand, fighting for a lost cause. Revenge would have to wait until another day, since Sauron was defeated, and his comrades were fleeing in fear.

Orgulak, realizing that all had been lost, dropped the finely crafted cleaver he held and fell to his knees, in anguish. A Gondorian soldier approached and was poised to deliver the death blow, but instead of executing his vile enemy, “the honor of a soldier “prevailed and he noticed that this young Orc soldier, was unarmed, The soldier left Orgulak there and ordered him to return to whatever “black pit” he had crawled out of.

This single act of mercy was the catalyst that inspired the adventure, Orgulak was to undertake...
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