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My Middle Earth Portal I first discovered the Lord of the Rings Fanfiction (a Tolkein loving community) website when I was looking for a place to post my continuing story Arrow of Mirkwood. My friends thought it was well written and a great tale, so I went on a mission to share it with the world. What I found was a large community of avid LotR fans, and ever since it has changed my life. I started to write my Arrow of Mirkwood (AoM) story for my best friend Fabienne. The character of Arrow is actually based on her. As the story developed to larger than anything I had written before, I thought I should put it on the internet so others could enjoy it. Through the miracle of Google, I found this website and immediately posted my story. Since then, I have written many poems about LotR which I have put up. My favorite character will always be Boromir, but every time I try to write about him, it doesn’t capture his character. Though this has been discouraging, the reviews on my poems have been great, and they have spurned me to write more. I visit this website not only to post my stories, but to read the stories of others. I rarely review stories, but when I find something special, I make sure that the author knows how I feel. The poets on the website truly gain my attention, as poetry has a rhythm like music. Even short poems can be sweet. I like to read stories about the Fellowship, though not about the journey to destroy the Ring. Poetry is good in this sense, because it can capture a moment frozen in time, perfectly preserved. The people are so supportive, offering constructive feedback. This builds my writing style, and my confidence. Thank you all for that. LotR Fanfiction has affected my life for the better. I try to write about anything, but the only time I can focus is when I write about the Lord of the Rings and its characters, its creatures. I have never completed any story that was not about LotR. I have finished poems off topic, but that is because they are short and only have to hold my attention for a short time. This is a fantastic place full of like-minded people, and ideal surroundings for a LotR fan. This website has greatly affected my life. The people in the community are helpful and supportive, and always ready to give advice. I want to thank you for that.
Chapter End Notes:
Sorry it's short, but I wanted to reapond to this challenge :)
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