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Author's Chapter Notes:
Mwahaha! Another presentation featuring your lovely comic duo . . . Fei and Dae!
Fei and Daewen(Shadow Maiden) are sittig in the middle of a field in the Shire with Merry and Pippin, enjoying a few, well-earned comforts after a long adventure into Bilbo's wine cellars.

Dae and Fei: *Giggles* Sorry, no, we were in the pantry. Honest!


As Fei takes her first bite of her sandwich, Legolas plops down in the snow beside her. "Hi, Fei!"

Fei: Chokes on her sandwich.

Pippin: Laughs

Dae: "Pippin!" Rubs Fei's back, but gets - dun, dun, dun . . . The Glare! Scream sounds in the background. "Right, sorry." Pulls her hand back like it's on fire.

Legolas: Helps himself to a sandwich.

Dae: "Hey! I don't remember inviting you!"

Legoas: Turns to Dae and gives her the puppy eyes. "But I'm hungy, and I missed you."

Dae: "I want to spend time with Fei, and these two fine hobbits, so go wait at home and order pizza."

Legolas: Makes a face and walks away. He stops, turns around, and sits under a tree ten feet away.

Dae: "What are you doing?"

Legolas: Smirks and continues eating.

Fei and Dae: Roll eyes.

Merry and Pippin sit casually, making snowballs while the girl's eyes are turned away. Quickly, they toss them at the girls and run off.

Merry and Pippin: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, we got you!"

Dae: Looks at Fei.

Fei: Looks at Dae.

Aragorn: Walks up to Legolas and sits down. After noticing what is happening says, "Cue the theme music from, 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."

Elladan: Sits between Legolas and Aragorn and holds out a bowl of popcorn. "Popcorn, anyone?"

Dae: "You're supposed to be helping!" Gets a mouthful of snow."

Fei: Pulls Daewen down. "Duh! You stand in the open, you'll get hit."

Dae: "Duh? I'll show you duh!" Reaches for wand. "Oh, yeah, we're not in the arena. Oops."

Pippin: Starts dancing in front of his hideout. "You can't catch me; you can't catch me!"

Dae: Sees Pippin. "My eyes!"

Legolas, Aragorn, and Elladan: Laugh.

Fei: "Grrr." Chucks snowball and hits Pippin right between the eyes.

Pippin: Falls down, clutching his head. "Ow! Brain freeze!"

Dae: "How can your brain freeze if you don't have one?"

Fei and Dae: Slap hands.

Pippin: Looks up, lower lip trembling and tears filling his green eyes.

Dae: "Aw, I didn't mean it." Quickly runs over to Pippin and hugs him. "I'm sorry."

Pippin: Wipes his nose on his sleeve.

L,A, and E: Roll eyes. "Come on, we're not here to watch a chick-flick! Give us some action!"

Dae and Fei: Glance at each other, wicked smiles spreading across their faces.

Dae: "If it's action you want, then it's action you'll get!"

The two hobbits and two maidens let out war whoops, and picking up snowballs, charge Legolas, Aragorn, and Elladan.
Chapter End Notes:
This is only the beginning. Literally. I intend on doing a lot more. Mwahaha!!
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