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Story Notes:
Sorry for the long title and short summary. It should be the other way around but oh well. Tell me if I should make it a different category because I don't really know where this is classified. Did you even know there was 67 reasons as to why you could be a LOTR freak? I'm sure there are more but I didn't think I had the mind to brainstorm them all...
1. You have a magnet board full of LOTR pictures
2. You have an account on this site
3. You cry at random parts in the movies even if they aren't sad
4. You write 'Lord of the Rings' on your school binder in big letters and surround it with hearts
5. You listen to LOTR music on your iPod or MP3 player
6. You have read all of Tolkien's works more than twice and watched the movies multiple times
7. You've made up gruesome deaths for all the people who hate LOTR
8. You've thought up yourself as a LOTR character
9. At night you imagine you are in the Quest for the Ring and go on many adventures with the Fellowship
10. You consider one (or more)of the four main Hobbits as your Hobbit Hubby
11. You do your hair in the morning like an elf but immediately take it out and don't let anyone know
12. You talk non-stop about LOTR at school
13. You drive everyone up the wall (including your crush) when you do
14. You start to wearing earthy shades more often
15. You start talking formally
16. You start talking to yourself in an accent
17. You imagine yourself with pointed ears
18. You spend your time pouring over old useless maps when you think no one's looking
19. If anyone says LOTR is lame you attack them and pretend to chop their head off with Anduril
20. You pretend the river by your house is Anduin, Flame of the West
21. When you are assigned to write a paragraph about whatever you want, you write something about LOTR
22. You dream about LOTR
23. You call your friends 'Mellon'
24. You consider your enemies as hideous as Orcs
25. You think of your least favorite teacher as a Balrog (*cough, cough* my band teacher)
26. You brag about how much you know about LOTR
27. You have successfully finished the LOTR 111 Question Quiz and don't fail to let everyone in the world know it, too
28. You admit to everyone you are, indeed, a LOTR freak
29. You draw pictures of LOTR characters and hang them up on your wall
30. You have designed your LOTR outfit depending on where in Middle-Earth you live
31. You have made a pathetic looking sword out of a stick and named it something that sounds Elvish
32. You look up LOTR bloopers on Youtube and laugh even if they are stupid
33. One of your main source of entertainment is this website or something else LOTR related
34. You insist to your band teacher that you play LOTR sheet music for the rest of the year and if they don't, walk away muttering how you should have used your staff to force him to say yes
35. You have compared and contrasted someone you know to a character from LOTR who you think looks like him/her
36. You try and write down the lyrics for that sad song Pippin sings to Denethor in ROTK
37. You think in an accent
38. Sometimes when you are outside alone you pretend you are shooting a bow and arrow
39. You hit your 'target' every time
40. You still haven't given up the fight over Legolas even if it's your best friend who wants him too
41. One of the first questions you ask when you first meet someone is 'do you like Lord of the Rings?'
42. You try to sing like an elf would and try not to be disappointed when you sound more like an Orc
43. You take pity and try to give your blessings to those who have never heard of LOTR
44. You try to force them to become obsessed with it
45. You use clever line from the LOTR books or movies as comebacks
46. Whoever dissed you in the first place decides indeed, you are a complete freak
47. You relate all things to things in LOTR
48. You feel crazy even reading this and shake your head as you think what a pathetic person this author must be
49. You try to learn how to write and read Elvish
50. Even though you have no luck, you claim you do
51. When people ask you if you know any languages besides the one you are most fluent in, you reply yes, assuring yourself that Elvish is a language in the real world and that you can speak it
52. You attempt to speak Elvish but tell yourself you'll get the hang of it when it comes out sounding like Parseltongue
53. If someone insults one of your favorite LOTR characters you give them a lecture about how cool and awesome they are
54. You force yourself to read old english poetry
55. You try to write like a Hobbit
56. You have tried to write a story about your many "wonderful adventures" and title it: "There And Back Again: A Human's Tale by [insert name here]"
57. Whenever you watch LOTR you take notes about things you didn't notice before
58. You know the movies so much that you mouth out the lines while the characters are saying them.
59. You have written down the notes for the Lord of the Rings theme song thingy and attempted to play them on your instrument
60. Your room looks strangely like it came from Lothlorien
61. When there's a bad guy sneaking up behind the good guy in LOTR you try to warn them by screaming at the screen and flailing your arms around pathetically
62. You try to go for the more... neutral look
63. You have notebooks filled with stuff all about LOTR
64. You pretend your ears perk up at the smallest sound
65. You try to detect the smallest sounds and act as though they are an enemy invading your "camp"
66. You think you know more about LOTR than almost anyone in the world because you have read all of JRR Tolkien's works and that one by Christopher Tolkien.
67. After reading this you feel thoroughly obsessed and pathetic but all the same very proud that you are indeed a LOTR freak.

Congratulations! You are a LOTR freak!!! YAY!!!!! And you've finally finished reading this!!! DOUBLE YAY!!!!!
Chapter End Notes:
Yep. Yeperooni. Congrats, you're a freak!!! (In a very good way)
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