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Story Notes:
Warning! This story contains twincest - Elrohir x Elladan as well as sexual conversations and situations some readers may find disturbing. Exact warnings will appear by chapter.

Disclaimer: Neither of us own these characters or this world, they are the sole creation of Tolkien
Author's Chapter Notes:
And so we begin!
The title comes from the idea that this arrow actually leads to quite a lot of romances being sparked off This chapter was inspired by the "Erestor and Twins plotbunny" by Cheysuli on the Library of Moria website.
Elladan's eyes fluttered sleepily closed as he blearily stared at the parchment...So far his essay consisted of the title, "Etiquette in an Elven Court" ...and nothing else.
Forcing himself awake, he looked to where his bow hung enticingly on the wall...Ai...Learning how to fight and be a real elf was so much more interesting than soppy etiquette!
He looked around, to where Elrohir was at the desk beside his, and having finished the ninth page of his essay was reaching for another sheet.
He stifled a groan and picked up his quill...They had learnt this just the other day...Well, to be correct, Elrohir had listened attentively and taken notes whilst Elladan had pretended to listen whilst daydreaming of the horse-riding lesson Glorfindel had promised would take place after the lesson…

Elrohir's conscience prodded at his, forcefully dragging him from his pleasant daydreams of the wind in his hair and the feeling of a horse moving beneath him, 'What is wrong?'
'I am bored beyond anything I have ever felt before! This is mind-numbing and...stupid! I am a warrior, not a courtesan!’
'Then I must be a courtesan, and not a warrior, because I am finding this fascinating!'
Elladan looked at his brother in a bemused fashion, but bit his tongue before he made a cutting remark about his brother's sanity.
He looked down at his parchment again, the task seeming just as hopeless as before, and repeated some harsh words he had heard the older warriors say.
"Elladan!" Elrohir gasped from his desk. "There is no need for that sort of language here!"
"You are right, but there is room for that sort of language out in the battlefield!" he grabbed his bow, "Come and shoot with me!"
"Elladan," Elrohir all but sighed, "you have barely started your essay, and your lesson with Glorfindel will begin in an hour or so ..."
"I will finish the essays tonight, after dinner," Elladan waved his brother's concerns aside, without any intention of doing what he said.
"But we need adult supervision!" Elrohir protested.
"Ada and Erestor often say you have the intelligence of an adult," Elladan countered, "Besides, you know that life cannot simply be about work, else we would all be like Erestor!"
"But Erestor is nice, and he is really smart! There is nothing bad about being like Erestor!"
"He does not fight and he does not have fun! He is boring!"
"He does so have fun," Elrohir retorted. “If we all fought all the time, we would all be like Glorfindel! As ada quotes: Glorfindel rarely does his paperwork and is very lazy when it comes to anything save a) beheading orcs and b) seducing Elves!"
"He is a very great and important warrior!" Elladan snapped, glaring at his brother.
"I know that. But not everything is about fighting. I mean, there is a political side to every war, as well."
"There is also a side to war which involves sticking as many arrows into the opponent as possible!" Elladan waved his bow slightly to illustrate his point, "Come brother, please!"
Elrohir bit his lip, looking to the door, before finally closing his eyes in defeat and huffing, "Fine!"
"Get your bow!"
Elrohir climbed up to the plaque that had held both of their bows, taking his down carefully, before they hasted out of the room and down the hallway.

The two snuck through the winding corridors of Imladris, using every single one of their hiding places to avoid detection by any adults who would prevent them from having their fun.

Finally, they were outside in the cool air, the setting autumn sun causing the sky to be a pinky-orange on the western horizon
"Is it not lovely?" Elrohir sighed softly.
Elladan nodded his agreement, before frowning, "The older warriors will notice if we join them on the practice field and they will tell Adar! We have to find somewhere else to practice."
"... The forest is just there," Elrohir said, pointing at the tall trees. "We can practice there."
The "forest" as Elrohir deemed it, was in actual fact a small wood in the northern area of the valley, but to the elflings it was certainly big enough to be a forest.
Elladan nodded eagerly, and the two ran off to under the dark secluded trees.

There was a polite knock at the door of Celebrķan's chambers where she and a group of her maiden friends were sewing, a toddler Arwen just beginning to learn a wonky stitch.
The lady of Imladris finished her row before looking up, "Enter."

Glorfindel peered around the door, "Forgive my intrusion ladies, but Elladan and Elrohir appear to be missing and I was wondering if any of you have seen them."
They all shook their heads. Celebrķan set down the tiny cloak she had been sewing for Elladan, her little hunter, and rose. "I will help you search, Glorfindel."
"No need, my lady, we shall find him. Forgive me this disturbance," he bowed and exited.
Celebrķan frowned, and prayed that her little elflings were safe...


Eventually, Erestor, Elrond and Glorfindel met up in the gardens. "Nothing," Erestor said, biting his lip.
"We need to think about this methodically," Elrond said calmly, "They were in their bedroom, and they should be with Glorfindel. They took their bows with them-"
"-We were not going to use bows today," Glorfindel interjected, "I told them specifically that this would be an unarmed combat class."

Erestor frowned, before he looked up, his frown deepening as he saw that the bushes barring the way to the forest had been disturbed earlier in the day. "... We must keep searching," he said finally, looking between Elrond and Glorfindel again. "If what you say is true, then they must have decided that they wanted to practice archery. They would have needed an open area clear of Elves ..."
"I will search the courtyards and then return to their room and await their return if neither of you two find them," Elrond said.
Glorfindel nodded, "It is a possibility that they have roamed further than we have estimated them capable. I will take Asfaloth and ride along the Brunien and see if they are there."
Erestor nodded. "I will scout the forest,” and with that, he turned and wandered to the bushes, clambering through them awkwardly.


Elladan's arrow hit the target dead centre and he grinned
"Well done," Elrohir said softly. He didn't enjoy archery at all - the string dug deep into his fingers when he pulled it, and the arrow never went further than two or three yards when he finally did manage to let it go. But Elladan seemed to be enjoying himself, so their escape from the essay had been worth it.
"Shoot Elrohir! Shoot!"
Reluctantly, Elrohir lifted his bow and nocked an arrow, clumsily aiming ... when a shadow moved nearby. With a yelp, he turned and released the arrow, which glided through the air at impossible speeds and thudded into the figure, which collapsed. Elrohir blinked, and approached his 'target' with widening eyes. He knew those robes ... that pitch black hair...Erestor…

Elven translations;
Adar = Father
Imladris = Rivendell
Chapter End Notes:
This is our first fic together, so we honestly appreciate all feedback given to us! Thank you for reading!
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