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Summary: AU, Slash, story of adventure between this RL world and Middle Earth. Features three new characters not in LOTR, plus Galadriel, Celeborn, Aragorn, Arwen, and others. Smeagol plays a prominent role. Although a story containing a relationship between two women, there is no description of sexual activity.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Lord of the Rings Slash Characters: Aragorn, Arwen, Faramir, Frodo, Galadriel, Gandalf / Olorin, Sam, Sméagol, Thranduil
Genres: Fantasy
Warnings: AU (alternate universe)
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Word count: 36548 Read: 1858
Published: Feb 02 2009 Updated: Feb 02 2009
Story Notes:
I used various reference sources for Sindarin names, including The Hesperides Project and The Grey Company Common to Elvish dictionary and phrase book. Geography is courtesy of maps of Middle Earth available within The Encyclopedia of Arda as well as RL maps.

1. Chapter 1 by Arafin [Reviews - 1] (36548 words)

Prologue: “Is the Glass Completely Empty or is the Glass Completely Full?”

Chapter One: “Waving Hello”

Chapter Two: “Moving East”

Chapter Three: “Change of Plans”

Chapter Four: “Moving Apart”

Chapter Five: “Secrets Hidden and Secrets Revealed”

Chapter Six: “The Gateway”

Chapter Seven: “Lost Chances”

Epilogue: “Many Shores”