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Story Notes:
This story is the result of a nightmare I had the other night. There was other weird things in the dream, but this bit especially bothered me (for most of the day actually) so I decided to write it out of my system. It's rather graphic because - so was the dream. :/
Title: The Meaning of Dreams
Author: Tuxedo Elf
Pairing: Rúmil/Orophin
Rating: PG13 for implied incest and injury.
Summary: Rúmil has a bad dream.


The wound was horrific. There was nothing left of his back, apart from blood, bone and muscle. The white of Orophin’s spine was visible even from where he stood some ten feet away. His stomach turned at the sight and the knowledge that there was no healing from such an injury.

Orophin knew it too and shook uncontrollably as he knelt on the ground, staring at his blood-covered hands. He did not speak – he could not. His eyes were already blank and dull.

Rúmil knew he was waiting to die, for there was nothing else to do. Was he in pain, or had the shock mercifully numbed him? He was not sure he wanted the answer.

His feet seemed sluggish as he walked over, removing his cloak and draping it around his brother’s shoulders, hiding the horrendous injury. He laid his hand lightly on Orophin’s arm, trying to ignore the warm blood that covered everything.

“There is nothing we can do,” Haldir said, his voice cold and distant, the result of his shock. His own hand rested on Orophin’s knee.

Rúmil only nodded, silently hating Haldir for saying the words aloud. How could there be no means of helping him? They had always helped each other, they could not let him down now. He looked up slowly, into Orophin’s pale face.

It was then that that it happened, that Námo’s hand reached out to the grievously wounded Elf. Orophin fell back without protest, his pained and shallow breathing finally ceasing as his blood-stained form lay limply in Rúmil’s arms.


Rúmil awoke with a gasp, sitting up in bed sharply. He was trembling and his heart was racing, his mind and body still partially caught in the nightmare. Clutching the blankets tightly, he tried to sort the dream world from the real one.

“Rúmil?” Blinking sleepily, Orophin looked up at his brother. “Is something wrong?”

The soft sound of his brother’s voice drew Rúmil from the clutches of his terrifying vision.

“No… no, just an - unpleasant dream,” Rúmil replied as his heartbeat finally calmed. It was not real, it had been no more than a nightmare. He laid back down, curling up in Orophin’s arms and kissing him tenderly. “Go back to sleep.”

Orophin nodded and was almost instantly asleep again, having never really woken up.

Rúmil, however, lay awake for a long time after. He wondered what the dream meant. Not all dreams had purpose he knew, but this one had been far too graphic to be so easily dismissed. Was some terrible fate going to befall Orophin? The thought of losing him did not bear thinking about. Or was it a warning, that he needed to watch his brother’s back? He wished he knew. Yet all he could do was vow to protect his brother, to do all in his power to stop the dream from becoming real.

In the darkness of the night, he swore to defend Orophin’s life until the breaking of the world.

Chapter End Notes:
I really hope I don't have any more dreams like that...
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