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Story Notes:
I mean no disrespect to any of the writers or the stories I mention here. They are all stories I liked. So if I got character names wrong or something please bear with me.
5 fandom themes we can’t do without
1. Erestor

For someone whose only contribution to LOTR is suggesting that the One Ring is given to Tom Bombadil Erestor figures on the top tens of almost every fanficcer’s list. Vampire Erestor by Orchard Constantyne, Erestor in The Story of a Corset by Ezra's Persian Kitty, Chief Councillor Erestor, Erestor of Mirkwood, Erestor of Gondolin etc etc. Authors love giving him new roles and new background stories. He’s one of the characters you can just fit in anywhere. Spiced Wine casts him as a Rosriel loyalist in her saga. He is the perfect politician there until Feanor teaches him a lesson. Erfan Starled’s take on Erestor in The Harper’s Call is different from the usual ones. He is insecure and adorable. The author succeeds in giving him a totally believable unusual character. Ditto for Jdav(who makes even Curufin/Turgon work) in The Song of Sunset AU which has one of the strongest characterizations for Erestor. The author has given Erestor so many nuances and backplots that makes the reader forget all older versions of this character. Erestor is also given a nice plot role in Ford of Bruinen’s stories.

2. Incest/Twincest/Kincest

Spiced Wine’s AU is built on incest between Feanor and Fingolfin. Her Feanor is hot and manages to sleep with many people in his short life and next incarnation. Feanor/Fingolfin is one of the most common incest pairings. Incest of Legolas and his OC-ed brothers is also very common in fandom. Legolas is a character writers can fit into any plot. So these stories work well. In these stories Thranduil often stars as the evil father and gives Legolas hell.

Incest is a topic that offends some people. Slash stories don’t usually consider such things. But a story that captures the moral nature of this relationship is The Journal of Maglor which has strong women, war, dying kingdoms and a really poignant relationship between brothers that makes the reader just wish that they find peace somehow.

Kincest is a fandom favorite. Thranduil/Legolas stories are common. Another pairing is Celeborn/Celebrian. Both of them get tired of Galadriel and try something different in these stories. Ignoble Bard’s stories often mix kincest with bdsm. Maedhros/Fingon is any First Age writer’s stock in trade. Spiced Wine handles this in her saga with the beauty of a married relationship. An unusual and powerful story is Jdav’s The Chalice and its accompanying piece, Metamorphosis. Both are written from Fingon’s view and succeed in making the reader cry.

Twincest - Tyellas was one of the writers who began this trend. Her steamy stories in Ansereg with Elladan/Elrohir made many writers do twincest with everything from mirrored souls to bdsm or threesomes with Legolas. Khylea Bloodrose has many interesting stories with the same pairing. Spiced Wine’s saga has a hot Elgalad/twins relationship. Elrond/Elros is another popular pairing. Elros getting reborn and coming to comfort Elrond after Celebrian sails is a recurring theme. Elured/Elurin and Amrod/Amras are the common twincest pairings in the Silmarillion fandom.

3. Gorgeous language

Dawn Felagund’s stories introduced readers on fanfiction.net to beautiful language. Another Man’s Cage is a story that illustrates this.Jdav is the one to go to if you want to see poetry in words. Her Journal arc melts the reader with gorgeous narration, imagery and conversations. A writer who really got magic to work in her stories is Ford of Bruinen. AC’s Folly of Starlight is another story that uses words at the best level. You will never think of Legolas the same way again after reading the story. Erfan Starled’s By Stars’ Light is a story that just flows.

4. Sauron the evil seducer or rapist

We all knew that Sauron is wicked. That is why we love Sauron the evil stories so much. Dark Judgment by Chaotic Binky is Sauron’s story told by himself. He rapes Maglor and later finds out that Eru made them bonded mates. Spiced Wine has Sauron capturing Maglor and Vanimore rescuing the elf. Sauron seducing Celebrimbor was the theme of Tyellas’s novel, One Ring to rule them all. Sauron is also shown as a crafty seducer in Elfscribe’s story An Elegy for Numenor. Writers also frequently come up with Sauron/Maedhros stories set during Maedhros’s time in Angband.

5.Political plots

AC’s Folly of Starlight must be one of the earliest stories which brought Mirkwood-Rivendell politics into the plot. The politics trend continues in fandom with Darth Fingon’s stories. Politics between Thranduil and Elrond, Oropher and Gil-Galad are some of the frequent plot suppliers in stories. Numenor writers include great politics in their stories. The Song of Sunset AU thrives on politics set across Valinor, Numenor and Andor. Stories like Akin to Love, While We Live and The Song of Sunset 3rd age are neck deep with intrigues. Rosriel of Spiced wine’s saga is a character putting any scheming politician to shame.

Links to stories referred or to the author’s site
1. Spiced wine, Ignoble Bard and Chaotic Binky have accounts on this site. Index for Spiced Wine’s work is there on her biography page on this site. The stories mentioned here are all NC-17.
2. Jdav or JDE posts on Silmarillion Writers’ Guild and occasionally on this site. The Journal of Maglor stories are on her Live Journal site. A complete index is there for the Song of Sunset AU containing more than 50 stories ranging from Melkor's choice to Eldarion's life. Don't miss stories with Maedhros, Galadriel and the Elladan-Legolas pairing. G to NC-17.
3. Darth Fingon has a website called Elffetish.net which also has stories by other authors. The stories range from G to R.
4. Dawn Felagund has an account on fanfiction.net and on Silmarillion Writers’ Guild. Don’t miss the poems written about Silmarillion themes and the novel Another Man's Cage. The stories range from G to R.
5. Elfscribe has stories on Silmarillion Writers’ Guild. The stories range from R to NC-17.
6. Khylea Bloodrose, Chaotic Binky, Ezra's Persian Kitty, Orchard Constantyne and Erfan Starled have accounts on the archive Of Elves and Men. The stories referred are R to NC-17.
7. AC has a website for The Folly of Starlight story circle. NC-17.
8. Ford of Bruinen has a website. NC-17.
9. Tyellas has a website and downloads for her stories. Her essays are also available on this site. NC-17.
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