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First steps

Celebrķan put little Elrohir on his feet in front of the sofa where she was sitting.

Letting him go with one hand she encouraged their little one to stand by himself. And after a moment he did, Celebrķan felt that he was less and less looking for support of the hand that held his. She smiled at him and let go of the elflings hand.

There he stood, still a bit unsteady, but he stood … all by himself.

Celebrķan could see Elrohir sway a little on his unsteady small legs when, to her surprise, the elfling put his left foot in front of his right foot. Then he did his right foot in front of his left foot and took another step.

As his legs were still unsteady he swayed much and would have fallen if his proud mother hadn’t pulled him up into her lap, cuddling him.

She looked at her husband, Elrond, who’s eyes shone with pride and a big smile on his lips.

Their son had walked, he really had!
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