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Story Notes:
This was inspired by Mari when me and her were at school on wednesday and the computer she tried to get on was buzzing. There may be another one-shot, only it involves Legolas and a rather impish grin aimed at an unsuspecting Gimli, and poor Aragorn don't know WHAT to do...
~Computer Bomb~

"So this is the high school huh?" Aragorn asked as he and Legolas began to head for lunch.

The Ranger had come for a "Tour" in case of an emergency. But luckily, he got have lunch with Mira, Kisa, and Legolas.

Aragorn sat down next to Legolas in the library as the elf began to log into a computer to work on some homework. The computer in front of him was making a weird noise.

"If I didn’t know any better," Aragorn said, glancing at the technical object. "I’d say it was about to blow up."
Legolas shrugged, and began writing the supposedly week old English essay assigned by Ms. Camilla on Hamlet. He now knew why Mira hated the English teacher.

At that point in this story, Mira and Kisa walked in, and both waved at the two Arda residents. Aragorn smiled politely.

"He’s in front of the Computer Bomb," Kisa hissed into Mira’s ear as they walked to the back computer lab.

"Oh Kisa, will you knock it off? It’s not going to explode!" Mira sighed. "It just hums a lot!"

In the front, Aragorn kept looking at the computer in frustration. "Damn that thing is annoying!"

"You’re not the one with advanced hearing."

"No but is pretty close! It’s bugging me!"

"Oh well," the elf growled, finishing the assignment.

At that point (It had been a half hour) the bell rang, so Legolas logged off and waved as Mira and Kisa walked by. Then he and Aragorn began to walk out of the library, and as they turned the corner... There was a loud bang.

Kisa and Mira, who had been strides ahead of the two, turned and faced them. Kisa had a look of triumph while Mira had a look of confusion and a raised eyebrow.

Aragorn and Legolas looked at each other then raised their hands and said at the exact same time:

"I DIDN’T DO IT!!!" then they pointed to each other. "HE DID IT!" then "NO I DIDN’T!!"

Mira sighed when Kisa said, "I WAS RIGHT!!!!!"

There was smoke beginning to float into the hallway from the library, setting off a smoke detector, drawing the principal's attention as students were stopping in the hall.

"Uh… I say we embrace the oldest and noblest of pirate traditions..." Mira said, slowly backing up. "RUN AWAY!"
The males nodded and followed her as Kisa yelled "MY LINE!" and followed as well.

They disappeared around the corner as someone else in the hall said, "Looks like the Computer Bomb finally went off."

~~The End~~
Chapter End Notes:
Did I mention Mira pulls a Jack Sparrow?
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