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Story Notes:
This is my first time writing a fanfic about Orlando Bloom. He's one of my favourite actor! I personally don't know him and all the characters in this story is purely fictional.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first chapter. Hopefully, some of you will like it, it's my first fan fic of Orlando Bloom.
Carleena turned the shower on. The water was cold, being not able to afford a water heater. She let the water fall on her head, washing her long black hair. Her teeth were chattering not to mention the cold water affecting the rosy buds on her chest making the stand. She washed the soap away and grabbed a towel. She stepped out of the bathroom and stared at her room. Unbeknown to herself, a sigh slipped out of her mouth. The place was in total shambles. Dirty clothes were scattered all over the floor and the bed covers hasn’t been changed for God knows how long.

A heavy feeling tugged at her heart and she thought to herself, “This is not going well…” How can it be? She’s 24 and she’s not exactly living the good life. After moving out from her parent’s place when she was 18, her career didn’t exactly shoot off. You see, she wanted to be an actor. She’s a pretty decent one too, having starred in many great high school productions. She even won herself a scholarship to Juilliard here, in New York.

Just one semester shy of graduating, she dropped out for she was promised a role in a movie that was going to be the first direction of her then boyfriend. She was ecstatic only to find her boyfriend in bed with a chesty, young blond, whom apparently he promised the role to. Not knowing what to do, she went home to ask her parents for help. Her mother was sympathetic but none of the same could be said about her father. That was the last she saw them.

She shrugged off the thought of her family from her mind. She needed to focus. Today was the day she was going to get her life together. This audition could change everything. It was for a small supporting part. According to the script a friend from Julliard sent her, there were only 4 scenes. Why she wanted the role? It was pivotal for the plot. She was to play the woman who came between a man and his fiancé. Deep down, the real reason she wanted to do this movie was because she was desperate to jump start her career. It had a love scene between the lead and her character. She had hoped maybe, just maybe, someone would cast her in a bigger role if she took a risk. Indeed, she was desperate.

She strode across the room to her closet. She took out her jeans and a baby blue sweater and put both of the garments on. She stood in front of her mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror. “I think I’m beautiful enough,” she said to herself. “Then why am I stuck in this fucking rut?” The mirror glinted under the dim light. If the mirror can talk, it would have definitely spoken in unison with her. She was indeed very beautiful, a subtle beauty. She had long wavy black hair that gleams under the sun. Her skin was olive and silky. She had the most amazing deep black eyes. Her mouth is a small thing, constantly formed in a mild pout, pink in all its glory. She is tall and slender with all her Latina heritage concentrated into a beautifully crafted hip. She was a vision.

The clock on her wall chimed. It was already 6.35 a.m. She has to be at the audition at 8.00 a.m. Seeing as the only place she can afford is in Brooklyn, she made her way downstairs and hailed a cab. She needed to be there early to submit her portfolio. The train ride to New York was uneventful, except for some pesky teenagers grabbing her ass and wolf-whistling at her. She was now accustomed to it. She didn’t want to get herself in trouble by picking a fight with these kids, who she guessed are gang members on the way to school.

She made it at the casting studio just in time to hand her portfolio and grab some breakfast at a nearby diner. She walked in to this pink diner around the corner from the casting studio. There weren’t many people around but most turned their heads as she walked by. She sat at the counter and ordered a cup of Jo and bacon and eggs. After around 15 minutes, the most delicious smell of fried bacon coursed through her senses and made her salivate. She immediately attacked her breakfast with hungry passion. She didn’t eat dinner the night before. While sipping her coffee, she noticed a young man sitting at the end of the counter with his head down, staring at her under his red Manchester United cap. She ignored him having had that experience before.

But after 10 minutes, this creep was making her nervous, even more so when he answered his phone. She could hear clearly a British accent. She swallowed. Who was this man? Why was he staring at her? What made her even more fidgety was, she couldn’t see his face. After a few more mouthfuls of eggs and bacon, Carleena was ready to leave. Before she could get up, this strange man stood up and paid for his meal. At that moment, he took of his cap. Carleena can feel her jaw drop. He was gorgeous! He seemed very familiar, like she’s seen him somewhere. Then there was some girls giggling in the background. She figured he must be some actor. It’s not uncommon in New York.

She looked at her watch. She’d better get a move on. She walked to the cashier to pay for her meal, “Hey, how much do I owe you?” She smiled at the woman at the cashier counter. The woman looked up, “Oh, nothing dear. That lovely man paid for your meal.” It took her by surprise. “That weirdo paid for my meal?” The woman chuckled, “That wasn’t any weirdo. That was Orlando Bloom!” The name Orlando Bloom resonated through her mind. Oh my God! He played Legolas on Lord of the Rings!
Chapter End Notes:
I know it's a bit short. But i promise to have something up soon. I'm sorry for the mistakes, I don't have a beta reader. Please do review.
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