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The prince of Mirkwood made his way to the throne room to meet his father, the king. He was battle worn but jubilant for victory was theirs. His father, King Thranduil though happy with his success, can still see his son harbouring some of the battle’s emotional wound. Legolas stood in front of his Adar, clad in his royal attire, proud and relieved to finally be back amongst his people in Mirkwood.

The king had prepared a royal feast in honour of his son’s return, “Yallume! Ed' i'ear ar' elenea! My son has returned with victory!” He went to his son and embraced him, for he has missed him.

Legolas bowed down before his father, “Heruamin, I am glad to be back with you and our people. Father this is Gimli son of Gloin. He has been my faithful companion throughout the battle.”

The king nodded to the dwarf his son called his companion, "It has been such a long time since we had a dwarf visit Mirkwood. I hold no animosity towards your people and I hope you will do the same. Welcome, Gimli, son of Gloin."

Thranduil beckoned his son to the seat beside his throne. Both father and son sat with dignity for they are the rulers of Mirkwood. Gimli took his place next to Legolas. It was an honour to be apart of the royal court.

The festivities began with dancing and food. The food was excellent. Legolas was grateful to his father. He longed for real elvish food ever since leaving Minas Tirith after the coronation of King Elessar. Throughout his quest to destroy the One Ring, all he has eaten was lembas. It was filling but lack the taste of fruits and nuts Mirkwood provided.

Legolas watched as Gimli indulged his palette to the feast prepared for them. He was not known to love anything other than meat but Legolas was pleased to see his friend savouring the taste of food from Mirkwood.

The king leaned closer to his son, “Tell me yondo. How is Elessar? I hope the coronation went well.”

Legolas smiled, “He is well Adar. The coronation went as planned. The wedding between him and Arwen was magnificent.”

Thranduil nodded, “So our princess finally made her choice. I hope Elrond is not too heartbroken. I am lucky; I still have my son here with me.”

The festivities continued until the wee hours of the night. Legolas did not feel well. His heart was restless. True, one can never stay the same after being in a battle, especially a battle where so much life was spent.

He touched his father’s hand, “Adar, amin anta kaim. Amin autien rath.” The prince stood up and all the musicians stopped playing their instruments, “Thank you for a wonderful night. You have reminded me why I love Mirkwood. Tessa sina.” He bowed to the crowd in front of him and addressed his dwarf friend, "Gimli, I am afraid I have to leave you to enjoy the festivities alone. I shall see to it that your accommodation is prepared. Until tomorrow, my friend."

Gimli nodded, "Aye, lad. You look weary and troubled. Go! have your rest for tomorrow you will have to show me all of Mirkwood." He gave the prince a pat on his shoulder and watched as he disappeared behind the palace's doors.

Thranduil looked on as his son disappeared behind the door. He was worried for his son. Yes, Legolas was a few thousand years old but still young in comparison. He went to war at such a young an age. The battle would have definitely scarred him. He looked to his right and saw one of his advisor, Lyean. He signalled for the elf to come to his side.

His trusted advisor sat next to him, “Yes, my king. How may I be of service?”

The king sighed, “Mellon. My son is troubled. His heart is not whole. What am I to do?”

Lyean bowed to his king, “Sire, love can heal almost anything. The young prince will be whole again once love has settled in his heart.”

Thranduil understood this. The elves have always believed in the healing powers of love. His beloved wife once healed him with her love. Alas, she left him shortly after the birth of his heir. May the Valar keep her safe in the Undying Lands.

He looked at his trusted advisor again, “So be it Lyean. It was our promise to change this friendship into family bond. Though, I have not told my son of this arrangement.”

Lyean stood up, “Heruamin, that will not be an obstacle. My daughter has always loved the young prince. I am sure she will not oblige to perform her duties to Legolas.”

Thranduil was glad. He had chosen a wife for his son shortly before he left for Rivendell. He did not have the opportunity to inform the happy news to his son, “Mellon, Diola lle. I wish to see my daughter in law, the princess of Mirkwood.”

Lyean retired into his quarters. Not long after, a beautiful elleth walked into the throne room. She had long dark hair, brown like the bark of the trees in Mirkwood. She was tall and her body slender. Her eyes, green like the colour of the leaves. Her skin glowed like shimmering jewels. Her name is Nyonna.

She bowed in front of the king. She loved the king. He is kind to her and he loves her like his own. The king approached her and placed his hand under her chin, “My dear. Your prince, my son has returned. He is troubled. He is hurt. Heal him my dear. Make him whole again. Today, with the Woodland Realm as my witness, I bond you to my son, Legolas. Rise, Nyonna, amaaia to Legolas of the Woodland Realm.” Thranduil pulled her up and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, “Go my daughter. May the Valar be with you.”

Gimli watched as the king gave his blessings to the lady in front of him. He was uncertain of this decision. He approached the king with caution but he will hear what he has to say, "Your majesty, do you think it wise to choose a wife for your son without his approval?"

Thranduil took a deep breath, "Yes, Gimli son of Gloin. Knowing my son, he will not have chosen anyone to be by his side. I have heard of his oath to the fellowship. Have I not the right to see my son happy? Nyonna is a good elleth. She will make Legolas' life on Middle Earth less lonely and full of love. Legolas is young and have yet to experience what true love meant. Surely, Gimli, you have experienced love. Would you deny Legolas the same privilege?"

The master dwarf was lost for words. No one should be denied the chance at love. He nodded at the king's words, "What you say is true, your majesty. He deserves to be happy."

Thranduil smiled at Gimli, "Come master dwarf. I have yet to show you our secret storage of mead and malt beer."


Legolas was in his chamber, pacing the length of the room. His chamber was on the highest tree in Mirkwood. He loves the solitude it provided, but today his heart will not settle for solitude. It ached. It longs for something more. Legolas unclasped the mirthril chain around his clothing. Within minutes he was standing naked. The moonlight shone in through a window in the room. His body soaked up the light. He was tall and slender with ripples of muscle on his smooth stomach. His legs were strong and muscular. His buttocks were taut and round. He looked magnificent. He slipped on his tunic and retired to bed. Just as he was about to close his eyes when a knock was heard on the door.

Legolas crossed the room in a few strides and opened the door. A bright light shone, causing him to shield his eyes with his hand. Behind that blinding flash of light, he heard a mellifluous voice, the voice of an elleth. He opened his eyes and saw a vision of the beauty on Middle Earth.

This wonderful creature was holding a goblet filled with milk, “My lord Legolas, King Thranduil sent me to deliver this to you. He was worried about you and sent this milk to help you recuperate.”

Legolas watched as the elleth walked into his chambers. She was indeed beautiful. Her beauty even surpasses that of Arwen Undomiel in his eyes, “Who are you?”

Nyonna placed the goblet on the table, “I am Nyonna, my Lord. Please drink the milk, my prince.” Nyonna walked across the room with her back to Legolas. Her elven ears told her that he was holding the goblet. She closed the door behind her.

Legolas looked as the elleth walked out of his chamber, “Eru! She is beautiful! Why have I not seen her before? Who is she?”

Legolas brought the goblet to his mouth and drank the warm liquid inside it. He immediately felt faint. He walked slowly to his bed and sat down, feeling the world around him spin. The last thing he saw was a pair of green eyes looking at him.

The warrior prince came to, stirring in his bed. “Adar must have asked the healers to prepare me a sleeping draught,” the prince thought.

His chamber was slightly dark; only one candle lit the room. He tried to sit up but soon found out he could not. Someone had tied both his hands and legs to the bed! He struggled to loosen the bonds but when he saw that it was a rope made of Hithlain, he gave up. He soon realized that someone has taken his tunic off. He was naked in bed.

What is this insolence? Who would do such a thing to the Prince of Mirkwood? Legolas saw someone near the window. It was an elleth. Her hair was long and it fell well near her thighs.

The prince can feel anger festering in his heart, “What is the meaning of this? Who are you? Untie me and I will make sure your death be swift.”

The elleth laughed and turned around. It was Nyonna! “Nyonna! What is the meaning of this? Why do you seek to harm me?”

The elleth walked closer to his bed, “Not harm you, mela en' coiamin. I only seek to love you and pleasure you.”

Legolas watched as the beautiful elleth let her dress fall to the ground. His heart was thumping now. She was beautiful. Her skin was fair, like milk. Her breasts were round and her nipples were pink and puckered. Her waist was small and her hips curved down beautifully on to a pair of long, slender legs. The prince can feel the heat building inside him. He has seen his share of both women and elleth, but never has he seen something so divine. His desires took the best of him. He can feel his elfhood hardening. He has not lain with anyone since he left for Rivendell thirteen months ago.

He watched as Nyonna climbed into bed and placed her warm body beside his. “Nyonna…” his voice croaked with desire.

She placed a finger on his lips, “Shh… My prince…”

She bent down and trailed kisses on his face. The prince twitched and struggled. She kissed his nose, his beautiful eyes and finally her lips met his in a heated kiss. She kissed him, nibbling on his lower lip. She gently licks his lips, sending shots of pleasure into his body. She kissed him on the mouth now fully.

The prince enjoyed this display of passion. He pushed his tongue into her sweet mouth, tasting her tongue and some residue of raspberries. She broke the kiss and licked the sides of his neck, leaving a trail of wet cravings. She kissed even further down, stroking his strong chest with her delicate fingers. Legolas moaned with pleasure. He can feel the throbbing desire in between his leg, fully roused. Nyonna continued to kiss his chest until he came upon his nipples. She flicked her warm tongue across one and Legolas moaned and arched his back into the bed. She smiled and continued her ministration. Her hand gently stroked his flat stomach, making its way down his elfhood.

Legolas cried out in pleasure when Nyonna held his throbbing arousal in her hand. She stroked it, moving up and down the length. He was enjoying it, that Nyonna can tell. She can feel the prince hardening further in her hand. She made her way down south. Legolas lifted his head to see Nyonna bringing hers down.

Her warm mouth on his elfhood made the elf jerked his body back, “Nyonna! Eru! More…”

She licked the tip of his arousal, circling it. The pearly essence had formed on the tip. With her tongue she spread it across his elfhood and continued to move the length. She can feel her husband’s arousal all the way to the back of her throat. She stopped the sweet torment and moved to cover her body on Legolas’.

The feeling of her bare breasts on his chest was erotic. Legolas has had a few elleth in his past but this was different. There was something about Nyonna; he can feel his body and his heart respond to her. Never before has his heart responded to a coupling like this. Nyonna sat on top of Legolas, her bottom close to his erection. She bent down and kissed her husband.

She loved him, with all her being. He will be healed. His heart will be whole again and it will be Nyonna’s. She lifted her body and brought herself down on the length of his arousal. Nyonna moaned at the feel of his hard erection inside her. Legolas was panting. He loved it. He loved the way he feels inside her. She was warm and moist. She was tight, he barely fitted her.

Legolas looked at the elleth now riding him. Her cheeks were red from the heat emanating from their bodies. Her breasts bounced when she moved her body up and down. His hands wriggled in their bonds. He needed to touch her, feel her body. She was in control now. Nyonna tightened herself around Legolas. She can feel her own release drawing near. Legolas was now near the edge. He felt her body tightened around him.

The feel of her warm canal constricting around him sent him over the moon, “Eru!”

He exploded inside her, spilling all his seed into her. He can feel her body milking every last drop of his warm fluid. She let her body go and fell on top of him panting.

She laid there on his chest, silently listening to the sound of his heart. She sat up with him still inside her. She placed her hand on his chest, where his heart would be.

She bent down and kissed him before whispering, “Bragol thalion, lirimaer…”

Legolas felt a surge of power course through him. He felt strong. He felt alive and for once the sense of dread was gone. Nyonna kissed him again and both fell asleep, with her straddling him and with his hands and legs still tied to the bed.

The sound of the birds chirping woke the Prince of Mirkwood. He roused and saw that his bonds were taken off and the elleth with him last night was gone, “Nyonna…”

Legolas cleaned himself near the waterfall in Mirkwood. Nyonna has been on his mind since morning. No one has seen her. He felt sad once again, “Eru! I have never felt whole in my life before. This is by your will and also by the love I shared with Nyonna last night. By the will of the Valar, let me find her…”

Legolas was busy washing when a messenger came, “My lord Legolas, King Thranduil has summoned you.”

He returned to his chamber and put on a proper attire to see his father the king. The throne room was filled with people. It seems the whole of Mirkwood was here. He could see his companion Gimli seated next to his father.

Legolas walked in slowly to his father, “Adar, you summoned me?”

King Thranduil was beaming. His son looked better than yesterday. He must remember to thank the Valar for this gift. Thranduil moved closer to his only son, “My son. I summoned you today to introduce you to your betrothed.”

Legolas’ heart quickened its pace. Eru! Please, change my father’s mind. I have to find Nyonna. Legolas protested, "My betrothed? But adar! You did not sat a word to me!"

Thranduil rose from his throne, "It is a custom in Mirkwood that fathers choose wives for their sons. It has been so for me and it will also be with you. As prince, Legolas, you must abide by the law."

His plead was to no avail. It was indeed tradition for fathers to find their sons, wives, whom they find suitable to be the Princess of Mirkwood and one day, the Queen of the Woodland Realms. Legolas stood up with a heavy heart to meet his fiancÚ. The king called for the ladies in waiting to bring out the future Princess of Mirkwood. The elleth wore a light blue dress with beautiful hand woven lace. She had a veil covering her face from him. He didn’t care. No one can be as beautiful as Nyonna.

Legolas heard his father announce to the elves in the hall of the bonding he made yesterday between the elleth and himself. “So it is done. This elleth is now my wife, the Princess of Mirkwood. Nyonna, I am sorry…”

Thranduil smiled at the couple in front of him. He gave his son permission to lift the veil and see his wife. Legolas turned and faced the elleth in front of him.

Before lifting the veil, he spoke to her, “Arwenamin, you are now my wife and I pledge my eternal love and loyalty to you.”

The Princess spoke in turn, “A'maelamin, I am yours forever…” He knew that voice. He has heard it before.

Legolas lifted the veil. He had to shield his eyes once again from the bright light in front of him. While his eyes were still close, he heard a sweet voice behind that light, “I am Nyonna, Princess of Mirkwood.”

Legolas opened his eyes abruptly and saw the very same elleth that was with him last night, “Melamin! It is you!” She smiled and nodded. Her cheeks were rosy again, blushing.

Legolas now understood why last night was so different for him. Why this morning he felt whole and well again. Love had healed him, the love from his wife, whom he laid with last night. He made love to his wife on their wedding night.


Melamin – My love
A'maelamin – My beloved
Arwenamin – My lady
Bragol thalion, lirimaer – Strong (an elvish spell), lovely one
mela en' coiamin – The love of my life
amaaia – Wife of
Mellon, Diola lle – Friend, thank you
Heruamin – My lord
Adar, amin anta kaim. Amin autien rath – Father, I need to sleep. I am going to bed
Tessa sina – Until then
Yallume! Ed' i'ear ar' elenea – At last! By the sea and stars!

Chapter End Notes:
Hope you guys enjoyed that. Perhaps maybe one day this little erotica would turn into a full story.
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