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Story Notes:
I know that Faramir ends up with Eowyn, bear with me please.
And PLEASE PLEASE review! I want to know how you feel about my writing! If you liked it, please tell me why. If you hated it, please let me know why so I can make it better.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry it is so short...
Nimwen Ur˙vion peered around the corner of the white stone column, her gray eyes spying for anyone resembling her sister, Castiel. With her green cloak wrapped tightly around her, and her long dark brown hair, she could’ve passed for an elf, if one did not look too closely at her obviously human ears, and her somewhat short—though immensely slender– build. Castiel had lighter brown hair, and blue eyes, and was highly sought after by the men of Osgiliath.

Which is what, Nimwen assumed, was happening now. This was why she was searching for Castiel. With Castiel’s good looks, sometimes she got into sticky situations concerning men. Nim was always there to fish her out. Having been trained by one of the best soldiers of Gondor, the steward’s son, she knew how to fight her way out of almost any situation.

Suddenly, a scream pierced the air and Nimwen immediately recognized it as her sister. Springing out from behind the pillar, she raced toward the noise. Her cloak streamed out behind her, revealing the dusty gray dress she wore. Her ears led her to behind a pillar where Castiel was standing, supported by Faramir—the son of the steward. Castiel’s face was tear stained, and she clung to Faramir as if he were the only thing supporting her to the Earth. Looking down, Nim saw a man underneath Faramir’s black boot.

“I wasn’t doing anything to her, captain! Upon my honor!” The man yelled up to the stone-faced Faramir.

“What honor?” Faramir spat at him, “Grabbing women, hiding in the shadows, and running when I come…”

“My honor as a man!”

Faramir obviously found it unnecessary to respond, and Nim agreed with him. The man was of no concern at the moment. Nimwen ran to her sister.

“Castiel, what happened?” She asked, grabbing her sister’s hand in hers.

“This man was trying to take advantage of her.” Faramir said with a grave face. “What place is Osgiliath where women cannot walk the streets unharmed? Where men creep in the shadows waiting for the next beauty to pass by?”

There was a pause, Faramir seemed to want a response, but Nim knew not from whom. A tear and a sniff leaked out from Castiel. Nim and Faramir’s attentions were immediately turned back to the poor girl. Nim felt a weight and warmth leave her shoulder, and realized that his hand had been resting there the whole time.
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