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Summary: A young woman's journey of survival in a world far from hers.
Rated: NC-17
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Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: First Draft
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Word count: 6026 Read: 7113
Published: Jul 24 2010 Updated: Aug 03 2010
Story Notes:
Be warned; this story contains rape, violence, character death and graphic sex! Please, if yo have the time review! I know that the first chapter is short, think of it as a prelude, they get better.

1. A Welcoming Darkness by TwistedFate [Reviews - 0] (212 words)
This is my first fanfic so any advice is welcome, I don't own tolkien, unfortanately.

2. The Second Chance by TwistedFate [Reviews - 0] (689 words)
I dont own Tolkien. I wish I did.

3. A Fire Within by TwistedFate [Reviews - 0] (1891 words)
I don't own Tolkien.
Please not this chapter contians violence.

4. The Bitter Truth by TwistedFate [Reviews - 1] (1753 words)
contains violence, you have been warned.

i dont own tolkien.

5. A Small Hope by TwistedFate [Reviews - 1] (1481 words)
I don't own tolkien