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Author's Chapter Notes:
If you haven't read Heart of Stone, i suggest you do. This poem correlates with the plot of the story :)
They say you have cold eyes,
But I saw the warmth in them,
It warmed my lonely nights,
Those deep grey gems.

Behind the lid of your eyes,
I looked into your soul,
My eyes shone bright,
At the sight of the precious gold.

They say you have a cold heart,
But the warmth I felt is true,
Through layers of your fašade,
I can see that it is blue.

Behind the closed doors of your heart,
I could see the dreams and fears,
I saw them shatter and crumble,
I saw them bring you tears.

They say you have been hurt,
I can see that it is true,
Let me heal you, love you,
Let the trust between us brew.

Behind closed doors I dream,
Of a life with you forever,
To love you and cherish you,
For eternity ~
Come whatever.

For I am yours body and soul,
Love me, Haldir, open your heart,
Let love heal you, make you whole,
Let us stay together and never part…
Chapter End Notes:
My first uploaded poem. Would love to hear what you guys think :)
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