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Story Notes:
my first story
Frodo stood watching the waves crash against the ship for at least thirty minutes, he thought of Merry and Pippin, and most of all Sam. "Poor Sam" thought Frodo "he must think something terrible has happened". In reality Frodo did not know what to think of his current voyage across the sea, it seemed only an hour ago Gandalf told him of how the undying lands would heal his wounds he attained from his journey to Mordor. He shivered thinking of that cursed realm, weather it was the Nazgul or the giant arachnid Shelob, Frodo tried to block all the memories of his adventure from his mind. It took him a minute before realizing that Gandalf put his hand on his shoulder, "are you alright Frodo" his old friend asked, Frodo looked up at the wizard, his mind racing of what to say to his friend and mentor. "I wish they could come with us" he said "I wish i could still laugh with themas i once did, before...", a look of pain came to his eyes "before the ring...". Gandalf tightened his grip on the Hobbits shoulder "our lives our filled with choices we do not wish to take, but we must anyway for the best of our intents", Frodo sighed " I always wanted a life of peace with Bilbo and one without pain or suffering". At this Gandalf chuckled, which brought surprise to Frodo "you will have one yet, my young friend" Gandalf said leaving him for his cabin, "you will have one yet".
Chapter End Notes:
more of a prologue than a full chapter
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