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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is how I see the moment when Celeborn met with Galadriel (Artanis) back in Doriath in the early First Age.
It is all about light.
A short piece for today is Epiphany, and before being Christian, it is the Celebration of the Lights.
So Merry Lights to you all!
She came with her brother meeting her cousin kin living in Doriath. I did not expect such a meeting. My mind, young and self-confident, had already portrayed an image of the whole family.

Aware of tales recounting their coming in Beleriand and knowing their king, why would these ones have been different? They were after all in search of new lands to dominate and occupy. This visit was not devoid of interest. It was no family reunion.

I’ve pictured them dark and imposing, inhabited by a flame beautiful but ominous. Nothing like this could be good neither for our people nor us. I was present because of my rank. I did not wish to meet with the Noldor.

Yet I was wrong. This very moment made me wiser for it showed me I was wrong. This very moment told me that my life has been meaningless before. This very moment changed my life forever.

When the figures entered the Halls of King Elu Thingol, there was no darkness or coarseness. Interestingly, ArafinwŽ’s eldest son FindarŠto was pleasant and gentle. Moreover, he was quite fair, fairer than any other Elf I’ve seen. His head was shining of a warm gold. Every inch from him was kingly but it emanated over all a feeling of quietness.

My second surprise was that along with him came his young sister, Artanis. She was extremely tall and moved in silence. Undeniably I saw her grace and beauty. But it was not about that. Doriath counted numerous gorgeous ellith and yet my heart was free and asked for no bonding whatsoever. But this one elleth brought me to my knees with such a simple detail. Her hair.

I’ve never seen the light of the Two Trees but once I’ve seen her hair, I knew that Laurelin poured its gold and Telperion sprinkled its silver on many strands. A perfect beauty, magnificent and glittering, she bared this flame I’ve seen in FŽanoro, but a kind flame.

The Noldo I did not want to meet touched me as no one ever did. As my great uncle introduced me, my words missed, my mouth was dry, my heart racing in my chest.

I remember only two things of this very moment: a light and a sound.

At first, it was her radiance: she was woven in it. She was a queen, crowned with this radiant garland. I only could mumble a word, a one name that has never been uttered before.

This name was born from this light I discovered. My lips moved unpredictably and the name escaped.


What happened, I will never forget it for this very moment breathed life into me. She turned to me and her face was first stern. But as the name was born, she released a melodious giggle. Her eyes were kindled.

Can we say that a star is born when it is given a name? Yet Varda kindled the sky long before the Eldar gave them names. Then more were kindled once our awakening, waiting to be called. In my sky, radiance emerged from darkness; her name was born with it.

From this very moment, I have loved you. For three Ages, you blessed my life of your radiance. Tomorrow, you will leave and sail to your homeland, the Undying lands that welcomed your birth and gifted you this one glow.

And I will wait for the day, on the last ship leaving this Middle-Earth, when I will reach the white shores and their brightness will dazzle me. But this will be nothing compared to your own radiance, my love, that I know will wrap me until the end of the days.

Calad amen, meleth nin, calad amen
Chapter End Notes:
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