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Story Notes:
I wrote this poem to show Middle Earth and its beauty and that it still can go on without magic.
Land of sonorous sounds
Like angels singing on the ground
Beauty, peace and love
Heaven full of Havens with doves
Please hold me and all
From that deadly fall
Feeling safe in your arms
Land with rich dirt for homes and farms

Blossom flowers
With golden green powers
Flying above the sky feeling calm
For the part of your hand we are in is palm
Shadows fall into night
Stars grow bringing light to this beauty land

Maidens of life bring living things
When they give whatever tomorrow brings
Children play in the land to find
All that is not bind
Free from shelter and home
Where some live under domes

No hatred to all
Some are small and some are tall
Mean is not welcomed
But they still have come
Good in this world is powerful
Which makes us cheerful

This cycle repeats each day
And everyone has something to say
Bringing joy
Loving joy
Keeping this beautiful and caring
Middle Earth
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