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Story Notes:
All the stories for the challenge will take place in and around Rivendell.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is the first story for the 100 prompt challenge by Wind Rider.

It was a dark night, no stars could be seen and the moon was hidden behind the clouds. The only light came from the fire which was burning in their camp. It was not a big fire, just a small one to keep them warm and give a bit of light.

They had travelled for some time now, from Lothlorien to Rivendell.

Aglaron was alert to every sound near their small camp. It was his turn to keep watch while his friends, Haldir and Belegorn, were sleeping.

Aglaron gathered his cloak, putting it tighter around his slender form. No, he wasn't cold, elves don't feel the cold as most of the other species do, but it was more for comfort. The cloak was nice and soft, grey of colour as are most of his clothes. The elves from Lothlorien mostly wearing clothes in the colours of the nature around them; grey, green and brown. Of course there were some exceptions to this, like Lord Celeborn and the lovely Lady Galadriel, who wear silver and white quite often.

Aglaron stood up from the place he was sitting and walked to the edge of the camp to get some more wood for the fire. Putting it in the fire so that it kept burning, giving a nice orange glow to the area, he began to walk slowly around the camp.

After walking around for some time he sat down again near the fire, looking into it, watching the flames.

It was nearly morning when the clouds separated and the moon and stars could be seen once more. He liked to watch the stars, he could sit for hours watching them.

But soon they would disappear to make place for the sun, which he also liked. Oh, how it feels great when the sun caresses his skin.

There was movement next to him, where Haldir was sleeping.

Aglaron looked at Haldir, seeing his eyes slowly focusing on him.

"Good morning," Aglaron said with a bright smile on his lips.

Haldir sat up, stretching his arms. "Good morning Aglaron. Has anything happened this night?" Haldir asked as he slowly stood up to stretch his legs.

"No, nothing happened, all is well." Aglaron answered.

"Come and sit down, I will make breakfast." Haldir told his friend who had stood up.

Aglaron sat down again, thanking Haldir.

Haldir began preparing breakfast for the three of them.

Belegorn began to stir and soon he was awake as well.

Belegorn looked up at Aglaron who was sitting at the other side of the low burning fire and smiled.

"Good morning Aglaron. How was your watch?"

"Good morning Belegorn, it was uneventful." Aglaron answered.

Then he looked at Haldir who was filling plates with fruits, cold meat and lembas, the waybread they used when travelling. When the plates were filled Haldir gave them to Aglaron and Belegorn and sat down with his own plate.

The three elves ate in silence enjoying the sounds of the animals who woke up in the early morning light.


After breakfast they prepared themselves for the last few miles of their journey.

Aglaron put out the fire while Haldir looked around the camp if they were not forgetting something, also cleaning any traces of their camp so that no one would know that they have stayed the night there.

When they were ready the elves mounted their horses and began the last bit of their journey.

The sun was up now and filtered through the leaves, leaving beams of bright light on the ground.

This was a very beautiful forest but it was nothing compared to the beauty of the Golden Wood where they lived.

Aglaron was enjoying this journey, it was the first time he went to Rivendell. He had listened to Haldir telling stories about the Hidden Valley and the elves living there. And after hearing all those stories Aglaron became more and more curious, he wanted to see it himself.

Haldir had told him that there was a place in the Last Homely House where elves often came together to tell stories and singing songs. That place was called the Hall of Fire, there was always a fire burning in the large fireplace.

Aglaron could imagine himself sitting there and listening to the songs sung by the minstrels and maybe he would be telling some stories of his own. In Lothlorien he liked to tell stories, especially elflings liked to listen to his stories. And he was asked often to tell about his days on patrol, yes, the young ones liked to hear stories about the guards.

The three travelers came to the edge of the forest and they continued following a path which lead into the valley.

Soon they heard a voice telling them to stop and so they did. Looking ahead they could see two elves on horses approaching.

Haldir let his horse a little ahead so that he was standing in front of Belegorn and Aglaron.

The left rider asked them who they are and what they are doing here in the valley.

"I am Haldir of Lothlorien and this are Belegorn and Aglaron, we are on our way to Rivendell, we have a message from Lord Celeborn for Lord Elrond." Haldir said after bowing his head.

"Welcome to Rivendell, I'm Garthon and this is Ethiron. We will escort you to the Last Homely House."

Haldir bowed his head again in gratitude and signaled for Aglaron and Belegorn to follow.

Garthon and Haldir rode in front, talking to each other. Behind them came Aglaron and Belegorn. And last was Ethiron on his grey horse.

They arrived in the afternoon at the Last Homely House, elves were already waiting for them in the front yard.

After stable-hands took their horses to lead them to the stables for some well deserved rest. The three elves from Lothlorien were greeted by a dark haired elf. He introduced himself as Erestor and after Haldir had introduced themselves they were taken to the guestrooms.

The rooms were nice and spacious, looking out on a nice garden and in the distance water could be heard from one of the many waterfalls Rivendell was famous for.


Aglaron woke quite late the next morning, the sun shining in his room.

He thought back at the lovely dinner he had yesterday evening with Elrond and his wife Celebrķan. Erestor the chief counselor was also present. As was Glorfindel, scenescal of Rivendell.

After he had taken a bath and putting on clean clothes he went to Haldir's room, seeing if he was already awake.

He knocked on the wooden door and was a bit surprised when it was immediately opened.

"Good morning Aglaron. How are you on this fine day?" A smiling Haldir asked.

Taken by surprise Aglaron needed a moment before he answered his friend with a bright smile of himself, that he was feeling very well.

"Come, let us see if Belegorn is awake so we can have breakfast together." Haldir said while closing the door behind him after he had stepped in the corridor.

And so the two elves went to the room of their friend, Haldir knocked on the door but they didn't received an answer.

After knocking again and still not receiving an answer they decided to have a look inside.

Slowly Haldir opened the door and peered inside, but he didn't see his friend. Walking further inside the room he called for Belegorn.

Now they received an answer from the silver haired elf who came from the bathroom.

"Ah, good morning you two," Belegorn greeted his friends.

"And a very good morning to you," Haldir answered.

Aglaron also greeted his friend and after Belegorn had put on his boots the three friends went to the hall were breakfast was served.


The three elves decided to have a look around after they had finished their meal. And so they walked around admiring the beauty of Rivendell.

They ended their explorations in the Hall of Fire, where some minstrels were playing songs. They joined the elves that were seated around the minstrels listening to their songs and tales.

Not much later Glorfindel walked into the Hall of Fire. He had the morning off and wanted to spend it there.

He saw the three visitors sitting close to the minstrels and walked to them.

"Good morning," he said to the elves.

The three elves looked up from where they were sitting and answered with a 'good morning'.

Glorfindel seated himself in the vacant chair next to Belegorn and soon the elves were talking with each other.

The rest of the morning was spend with great company and beautiful music.
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